Business Administrator


Title: Business Administrator 

Status: Full-Time Staff, Salaried 


Job Summary:


Responsible for the day-to-day business operations of the church 


Responsible for managing and maintaining the financial accounting and reporting functions of the church in conjunction with the Finance Committee  


Responsible for the personnel functions of the church working with the Senior Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) to provide human resources support 


Functions as support with Facilities Manager in handling responsibility for maintenance and security of the church facility and property working with the Board of Trustees and other related staff and committees  


Responsible for ensuring that business administration supports the mission and vision of Grayson UMC


Reports to and evaluated by: Senior Pastor with input from the Chair of the Finance Committee.  






  1. Provides monthly and year-end financial reports and analysis to the Finance Committee, Foundation Board and Church Council. 

  1. Monitors and administers all General Accounts and “Designated Giving” to ensure that gifts are recorded to the correct account and that both Staff and lay leadership spend their respective designated gifts before general budget monies are spent.  

  1. Ensures timely deposits of all church monies are made and that any gifts that cannot be deposited are secured.  

  1. Periodically, but at least annually, prepare and send out statements of contributions to those who give. 

  1. Works with auditors to complete an annual audit review of the church. 

  1. Review and pay all expenses and ensure that all expense checks are reviewed and signed by the Treasurer or designated representative.  

  1. Oversees the process of formulation and implementation of an annual budget.  

  1. Oversees the Grayson UMC Preschool finances with the Preschool Director and Preschool Board of Director. 

  1. Provides financial and business support to the Foundation Board as a permanent member. 

  1. Obtains the Grayson UMC Foundation quarterly and year-end financial reports from the Georgia United Methodist Fund and updates the church balance sheet to reflect the appropriate balances.   

  1. Receives and ensures appropriate donations to the Grayson UMC Foundation are recorded and/or deposited promptly.   

  1. Forwards all appropriate Foundation correspondence or contacts received by the church office to the Foundation Board Chairman.  


Facility and Property 


  1. Helps alongside Facilities Manager with overseeing usage of the facility following the church's policies. 

  1. Partners with Facilities Manager the work of the custodian and maintenance of all the ground and facilities.   

  1. Maintains vendor contracts and reviews work for quality control. 

  1. Manages the security of the church. This includes lock up procedures and security cameras maintenance. 

  1. Responds to any deficiencies identified during inspections by the Fire Marshall and monitors the facilities ongoing for any potential violations and corrects. 

  1. Works with Trustees to ensure the appropriate insurance coverage of all Grayson UMC property. 

  1. Manages the incident reports for any staff or visitor issues in the facilities or on the property alongside Facilities Manager. Helps ensure Sports and Recreation Ministry obtains appropriate waivers. 




  1. Implements the salary and benefits agreed upon by SPRC and approved by Church Council.  

  1. Processes payroll for the church and preschool. 

  1. Obtains and maintains documentation pertaining to the employment of all staff of Grayson UMC to include applications, signed employee handbooks, background checks, employee reviews, etc.  

  1. Maintains records of all staff and volunteers according to the state laws and church guidelines for Safe Sanctuaries. 

  1. Prepares and sends out W-2 or 1099 forms for those employed by Grayson UMC. 

  1. Works with Pastoral staff on accounting for Staff members (time-off, adherence to employee handbook, etc.). 





Planning, Communication and Administrative 


  1. Evaluates and recommends strategies and plans for streamlining or improving business operations of the church. 

  1. Communicates to the church body the administrative performance of the church.  

  1. Works with the committees of the church to ensure that the United Methodist Book of Discipline (2016) is enforced and procedures are followed. (This should be an annual review with the pastors and lay leadership.) 

  1. Attend special services and some Sunday morning services as a representative of the staff leadership team. 

  1. Attends monthly or special called meetings of Finance and Trustees and maintains communication to ensure the implementation of all policies pertaining to finance and property.  

  1. Attends monthly or special called meetings of Church Council and the Foundation Board.  

  1. Execute and report on goals and objectives to the Senior Pastor and appropriate committees on a periodic basis throughout the year. 

  1. All other assigned duties. 



Key Vision Points for this staff position: 


4. Cultivate a culture of value for our core congregants. 

6. Be a visible and active presence in our community. 

7. Create a comprehensive support infrastructure to include proficient and forward-thinking communication and a technology environment compatible across all ministries and functions. 

8. Steward our current resources well, specifically, staff, finances, facilities, and grounds.  


Job Qualifications: 


  • BS/BA in business or related field required 

  • At least 5 years of full-time experience in a similar church/ministry or related activity. (This may be waived for an internal candidate if approved by the SPRC) 

  • Ability to supervise, recruit and work with volunteers and staff 

  • Skilled at researching and resolving issues 

  • Highly organized and strong time management skills 

  • Ability to analyze financials and make recommendations on actions needed 

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills 

  • Excellent vendor management skills

Contact: Trenton Dockery

Address: 555 Grayson Parkway Grayson GA 30017

Phone: 404-824-9586

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