Saint Mark United Methodist Church Director of Fine Arts


Saint Mark United Methodist Church located in the heart of the Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia is seeking a Director of Fine Arts. 
As a United Methodist Church, Saint Mark is proud to be a congregation with open hearts, open minds, and open doors. We strive to be a congregation that embodies God’s absolute love and hospitality, proclaiming Jesus as our savior and as our model of the ultimate embodiment of God’s love. We believe that all persons are of sacred worth and dignity as part of God’s good creation. Saint Mark UMC welcomes all persons into the full life and ministry of our congregation, regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, family, or socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability, or faith history.

The Director of Fine Arts works under the direction of the Senior Minister.

  1. Managing The Job
    1. Inspire and grow the Fine Arts Ministry at Saint Mark. Drawing on currently available talent and resources while attracting new members, create and lead fine arts programs at Saint Mark that are recognized as best in class in our geographic area.
    2. Provide organ and piano accompaniment and service music for weekly rehearsals and services. Services are Sunday mornings at 9am (no choir) and 11am Chancel Choir. Traditional Services.
    3. Lead the Fine Arts ministry of the church by directing and/or overseeing the activities of Fine Arts, all musical organizations and ensembles, drama groups, presentations, and dance activities of the Church. Direct the Chancel Choir and oversee the activities of all related staff and volunteers.
    4. Lead rehearsals and participate in weekly services, Festival presentations and other events as they arise. 
    5. Lead or delegate and oversee leadership of key components of the Fine Arts Ministry at Saint Mark that includes, but is not limited to Youth Choir, Children’s Choir, Music as we gather and the Saint Mark Ringers.
    6. Select and/or coordinate all service music, preservice music, and offertories in conjunction with volunteers and the other choral and instrumental directors, for weekly services, as well as other services that may be scheduled.
    7. Ensure required spaces are prepared prior to rehearsals and worship. Arrange for the opening and closing of the facility prior to and after each meeting.
    8. Plan and manage the budgets for the entire Fine Arts Ministry with the input of other Fine Arts staff, and directors.
    9. Establish and maintain the Fine Arts library and database.  Be responsible for the cataloging, distribution, and organized storage of all music.
    10. Maintain Chancel Choir folders, assuring the choir membership has all necessary materials for rehearsals and services. 
    11. Track and chart attendance, hymn use, anthem use, ordering of literature, and materials. 
    12. In consultation with the children and youth minister(s), and parents of children and youth, encourage and grow the children/youth music programs at Saint Mark. Inspire interest in a music program for children and youth and implement the type of program best suited to fulfilling this interest.
    13. Recruit volunteer support as needed. (Assistance for recruiting volunteers would come from other members of the ministerial staff.)
  1. Managing Others
    1. Manage and supervise other directors, such as Director of the Saint Mark Ringers and all Fine Arts volunteers.
  1. Organizational Effectiveness
    1. Maintain a balance regarding style and periods of service music, placing equal emphasis on musical excellence as well as the spiritual enhancement of worship.
    2. Attend all staff meetings, retreats, Choir Council/Officers meetings, and other meetings as deemed necessary and when schedule permits. Attend, or arrange for a Fine Arts staff member to attend all Church Council meetings, preparing a report or presentation for these meetings.
    3. Oversee the continued development of the Fine Arts department with the ongoing addition of ensembles as is appropriate. Examples of continued development may be through concerts, art and drama activities, and the continued expansion of music education opportunities. These should be through both short and long-range planning, evaluation and goal setting, and other areas as the need arises.
    4. Maintain, train, and schedule a pool of volunteers who are available and able to assist with weekly tasks as needed.
    5. Be available to assist in the planning and/or implementation of music for Vacation Bible School, Summer Workshops, or Camps, as is possible.
    6. Support the work and mission of Saint Mark as a dedicated and prayerful member of the church staff, working in consort with the entire staff of the church to promote a team atmosphere.
  1. Leadership & Professional Growth
    1. The Minister of Fine Arts will continue to further his/her expertise through membership in processional music organizations, and by attendance at church music leadership workshops and convocations.
  1. Communication
    1. Attend Chancel Choir officers’ meetings and maintain regular communication with the officers and section leaders to ensure that absent members are contacted, and regular communications are sent to maintain a sense of community within the group.
    2. Publish regular Fine Arts communications outlining Fine Arts needs, announcements, and other information involving the Fine Arts departments of the church.
    3. Will work closely with the Communications & Technology Committee to enhance online productions of services, providing an engaging virtual worship experience and provide information regarding notices and publications about upcoming events and concerts.
Our Vision
Recognizing the Fine Arts Program as an integral part of the ministry of Saint Mark United Methodist Church as a whole, our vision is that through the arts worshipers experience deep communion with God and one another; people within the local community and beyond are invited and drawn to the Gospel and to the Saint Mark United Methodist Church ministry; participants hone their God-given talents, witnessing to God’s good news through their team work and craftsmanship.


Contact: Rick Gore

Address: 781 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta GA 30308

Phone: 404-873-2636

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