IT Specialist


The North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church
Job Title: Information Technology Specialist (full time)
Department: Information Technology Office
Reports to: Director of Information Technology
This position is responsible for supporting associates in their use of the network and technology. We are looking for a friendly team player who can provide excellent customer support and has the technical skills to manage hardware and software platforms. The ability to learn new skills and systems is essential. Knowledge of the United Methodist Church is helpful. Some responsibilities are cyclical like the church year, and it will therefore take a full year to fully grasp and learn the full spectrum of job functions and responsibilities. Primarily works in the office to provide support to onsite staff and meetings. Some remote work is possible.

Essential Job Functions

  • Manage the Help Desk. Provide technical support for the United Methodist Center and District Offices. Also support churches, laity, and clergy in the use of the conference’s web, data, email, and other systems.
  • Setup up, troubleshoot, and repair laptops, and peripherals.
  • Maintain inventory and ensure proper software updates/patches.
  • Assist with maintaining and securing the network and infrastructure.
  • Assist with application development (C#, SQL).
  • Provide technical assistance for onsite meetings and Zoom meetings.
  • Provide user training for software (MS Office, etc.), general computer skills, network security, and safe computing.
  • Create instructional, informational, and technical documentation.
 Resumes may be submitted to the Director of Information Technology at

Contact: Director of Information Technology

Address: 1700 Century Circle NE Atlanta 30345