Conference Boards and Committees Explained

Our system of Boards and Committees is critical to the success of the North Georgia Conference. We are grateful for the leadership of the high-quality disciples who serve.

This document provides a general overview of the standing rules that govern our boards and committees, as well as a description of the roles and responsibilities of each of our boards and committees: Board Descriptions and Guidelines for Service.

You can see the full list of Boards and Committees and the individuals who serve on them in the 2023 Nominations Report.

Our next Nominations cycle will open in January 2024. See our Nominations page for updates.

Conversation on Committee Structure:
Survey Results and Proposal

The structure explained above was created in 2021. In the video below., Nate Abrams (Board of Discipleship and Advocacy), Rev. Cassie Rapko (Board of Church and Society Rep), Rev. Brian Tillman (Conference Committee on Religion and Race), and Rev. Dr. Steven Usry (Board of Church Development)  discuss how your insight and feedback from a survey informed the proposed committee restructure that was presented to the 2021 Annual Conference. Find the proposal on page 113 of the 2021 North Georgia Annual Conference Handbook. The 2021 North Georgia Annual Conference approved the proposal.