Common Table

The Common Table of the North Georgia Conference

About the Common Table

NGUMC Standing Rules outline the responsibility of your Common Table:

There shall be a Conference Common Table with responsibility to focus and guide the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church within the boundaries of the North Georgia Annual Conference. It shall give leadership and guidance in setting the vision and priorities of the annual conference and in conducting an on-going process of refining and revising that vision.

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Members of the Common Table

Common Table membership includes the leadership of other NGUMC committees, boards, and commissions, along with our Bishop, our District Superintendents, and other members of the Extended Cabinet.

Members of the 2022-2023 Common Table

  • Alice Rogers, clergy, D.S. North East District
  • Allison Berg, Conference Treasurer
  • Amy Valdez-Barker, clergy, Global Ministries Rep
  • Ann Diaz-Caballero, laity, Assoc. Conference Lay Leader
  • Amy King, laity, Conference Benefits Officer
  • Beth Sanders, clergy, D.S. North West District
  • Bill Burch, clergy, Council on Finance & Administration Chair
  • Bishop Robin Dease, clergy, Bishop
  • Blair Zant, clergy, Director Center for Congregational Excellence
  • Blake Trent, invited by Common Table planning
  • Brian Tillman, clergy, Director of Connectional Ministries, Director Inclusion and Advocacy
  • Byron Thomas, clergy, D.S. Central South District, Chair of Clergy Delegation
  • Cassie Rapko, clergy, invited by Common Table planning committee
  • Daniel Kim, clergy, invited by Common Table planning Committee
  • Denise VanLanduyt, laity, Assoc. Conference Lay Leader, Co-Chair Connectional Ministries Team
  • Doug Gilreath, D.S. North East District
  • Elissa Marks, laity, Young Adult President
  • Elizabeth Pollard, clergy, At Large Member
  • Gloria Parker, laity, Assoc Conference Lay Leader
  • Greg Porterfield, clergy, D.S. South East District
  • Jacqueline Twiggs, laity, invited by Common Table planning committee
  • Jane Finley, laity, Chair of Lay Delegation
  • Jay Horton, invited by Common Table planning
  • Jeff Fuller, invited by Common Table planning
  • Jessica Terrell, clergy, D.S. Central West District
  • Jim Thornton, laity, Conference Chancellor
  • Jonathan Holmes, laity, Assoc Conference Lay Leader
  • Joya Abrams, clergy, Co-Chair Connectional Ministries Team
  • Julie Boone, clergy, Board of Ordained Ministry Chair
  • Katie Bruner, Christian Unity & Interreligious Relationships
  • Lee Highsmith, invited by Common Table planning
  • Leon Matthews, clergy, Order of Elders Chair
  • Lindsay Geist, clergy, Order of Deacons Chair
  • Mathew Pinson, laity, President/CEO Georgia UM Foundation
  • Max Vincent, clergy, Conference Secretary
  • Michael McQueen, clergy, D.S. Central North District
  • Mike Devine, clergy, Small Membership Church Rep
  • Nate Abrams, laity, Conference Lay Leader, Co-Chair BEAT
  • Odell Horne, laity, United Methodist Men President
  • Randy Hardy, laity, Co-Chair Connectional Ministries Team
  • Rodrigo Cruz, clergy, D.S. Central East District
  • Scott Parrish, clergy, Conference Missions Staff
  • Steven Usry, clergy, Co-Chair BEAT
  • Susan Landry, clergy, D.S. South West District
  • Stephanie Dressler, UMW President
  • Sybil Davidson, laity, Conference Communicator
  • Terry Walton, clergy, Executive Assistant to the Bishop
  • Tonya Lawrence Miles, clergy, At Large Member
  • Vance Ross, clergy, CORR Chair
  • Yolanda Jones-Colton, clergy, Fellowship of Local Pastors and Assoc Members
  • Yvette Massey, invited by Common Table planning