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While it is important that youth who are growing in their faith begin to feel a connection with the local church community as well as with God's presence in that community, it is also important that you and the adults in your church have the ability to focus on the relationships you are building with those youth and not be so concerned about taking care of the schedule, the planning, and the content of some of the confirmation experience.
That's why we have arranged some great environments for you and your leaders to concentrate on the relationships with your students and leave the "particulars" up to us. Take a look at some of the opportunities available to you as you structure how you are going to confirm your youth in their faith...

Diverse Worship Opportunities in your District

One of the great things about the United Methodist Church is its diversity. Within the UMC you will find various sizes of churches, differing beliefs that still fit with our Christian doctrine, urban and rural (and suburban) congregations, and congregations that meet in traditional style church buildings as well as shopping malls or coffee shops.
We also find different styles of worship and cultures in the United Methodist Church, and even though your youth might be accustomed to worshiping in the style they find at your church, it is important that we help our young people embrace the blessing of our diverse cultures within our denomination.

There are various opportunities for your group to experience a different styles of worship within your district. These opportunities are available throughout the year (from October through April). You are more than welcome to set up your own visits to other congregations. Keep in mind that it sometimes helps if the pastors of these churches know that they will be having visitors on a particular day. As you take your group to visit another congregation, let  us know how it goes by dropping us a note at


Confirmation Retreats

The fall and spring Confirmation Retreats are designed for those young people who are learning more about what it means to follow Christ and to make a profession of faith. Each retreat will be a weekend of learning through a variety of educational experiences and presentations by leaders in the conference, inspiring worship, some fun and games, and times for the youth to reflect on their faith and their desire to follow Christ and join the United Methodist Church. There will be large group experiences as well as small group times.

The Confirmation Retreats are designed primarily for 6th-8th graders, but can include senior high if they have not yet been confirmed. Some youth groups bring older youth as "student counselors" and that's fine if you structure your church's confirmation experience that way.

Do you want to be a part of the Confirmation Retreat staff?

We have a great time planning and carrying out these powerful retreats. If you're interested in serving on the volunteer staff for any of these retreats, apply here.


Fall 2017 Confirmation Retreat Builds Unity

The Fall Confirmation Retreat focuses on building unity in your confirmation class and helping your confirmation students recognize how God has already been involved in their lives - even before they knew it. We help youth share their faith story and introduce them to the concept of prevenient grace.

This fall the retreat is held at Glisson Camp and Retreat Center. During the weekend your youth will participate in group building activities with the rest of the group from your church, helping to foster unity with each other. They will also tell and hear one another's faith story (including your adult leaders' stories). 

Worship, dynamic speakers and teachers, games, music, meaningful instruction, and the diversity of having various churches present in a retreat where everyone learns what it means to become a part of the United Methodist Church are some of the strengths and blessings of this retreat weekend. 

Spring 2018 Confirmation Retreat Focuses on the Vows 

The Spring Confirmation Retreat has been a formidable part of the confirmation experience for hundreds of youth for years, and we hope you and your group will consider registering for this year's retreat to be held at Glisson Camp and Retreat Center on February 23-25, 2018. During the weekend your youth will focus on the vow they will soon make when joining the church - supporting the church with their prayers, their presence, their gifts, and their service. They will also learn about the unique blessings of being United Methodist and what it means to be a part of a connectional church.

The weekend retreat setting is powerful in that your youth will build stronger ties to each other and to your adults who participate. Worship, dynamic speakers and teachers, games, meaningful instruction, music, small groups, and a diverse group of youth from all over the conference will be enjoyed on this retreat weekend. 

Cost for the retreat is $125 if you register and pay by January 15th. After that date the cost goes up to $145. This covers supplies, housing, four meals, and some great worship and learning.  

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