Congregational Development

New Places for New People

Are you interested in starting a new place of worship for new people?

If you are, we want to walk along beside you. Here are 5 Steps to help launch your new worship experience:

  1. Participate in the New Church Leadership & Innovation Academy.
  2. Be assessed by a formal assessment team to learn where your gifts and talents are best suited
  3. If you are approved for something specific, staff from Congregational Excellence will help connect you with New Pathways
  4. Congregational Excellence will provide on-going coaching, financial support (negotiated dependent on the project and conversations with your District Strategic Growth Team)
  5. Complete the Covenant Agreement



New Ministries Grants

Are you interested in starting something new? If you're thinking of starting a new ministry, we provide start-up grants the might be helpful. Review the grant guidelines and check out the possible grants available to help get you started:

  1. Re-branding Grant: need to give your current ministry a new look or a new name? Need help reaching the community through marketing, etc.?  For more information, contact Melody Brown.
  2. Staffing Grant: Need salary support to bring the best person on board to help grow your ministry?  For more information, contact Melody Brown.
  3. Fresh Expressions Grant: Need a little seed money to help a new Fresh Expression get started? (the application will download into Word)  Click Here for more information about Fresh Expressions.
  4. UMCOM Grants:  United Methodist Communications has established a series of grants and resources to support local church communications.  Areas included are:  New Church, Social Media, & Website.  Please note, some of these grants have application deadlines.

Tools and Resources