Center for Congregational Excellence

Welcome to the North Georgia Conference
Center for Congregational Excellence! 

You have found the right place for resources and inspiration for your congregation, whether you're clergy or lay, looking to start a new worship service or looking to form a mission team -- and everything in between.​

The Center for Congregational Excellence exists to support, resource and equip congregational leaders for accomplishing their mission of making disciples and experiencing transformation. Our team consists of expert practitioners in the various fields of ministry who are deployed to local churches and districts as consultants, coaches, retreat and seminar organizers, cohort facilitators, guest speakers, and content creators.

Presently, we house Congregational Development, New Church Development, Inclusion and Advocacy, Mission, Disaster Response, Digital Ministry, Children's Ministry, Experiential Discipleship and Retreats, Safe Sanctuaries, and Hispanic, Black, and Pan-Asian Church Development.

We will play a key role in equipping congregations, districts, and the Connection in actionizing the five Areas of Focus, as set forth by the Common Table. We partner most often with District Strategic Growth Building and Locations Teams, Connectional Ministries Team, BEAT, Common Table, the Center for Clergy Excellence, and Community Development and Discipleship.