Connectional Ministries

What is Connectional Ministries?

NGUMC Connectional Ministries is your partner in training and resourcing for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Connectional Ministries staff and ministry representatives are available to visit your congregation to help with your training and resourcing needs.

Connectional Ministries is tasked by the Discipline to do the following:

  • To serve as steward of the vision of the annual conference…
  • To serve as leader of the continuous process of transformation and renewal…
  • To ensure alignment of the total resources of the conference to its vision…
  • To ensure the connections among the local, district, annual conference, and general church ministries…
  • To coordinate the recruitment and training of conference program leaders…
  • To provide oversight and leadership in the conference’s program and ministry…

(2016 Discipline ¶608)


Connect to Resources for Local Churches 

and Congregational Leaders


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2019 Rock Solid - 5th Grade Winter Retreat
January 26 - 27

2019 Campus Crawl
February 28 - March 3

2019 Spring Confirmation Retreat
March 8 - 10

2019 Spring Spiritual Life Retreat
Three weekends to pick from:
SLR W-1: March 15 - 17
SLR W-2:  March 22 - 24
SLR W-3:  March 29 - 31

2019 Spring Kindling the Fire
March 18-20