Day 3 - May 2

35 days of  Prayer and Preparation


The 37th psalm, one of the psalms of David, is an acrostic poem. It is structured so that the first letter of each stanza begins with the next successive letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, a hidden ordering that we wouldn’t catch at first. Within this hidden structure, the poetry portrays the contrast between self-serving or evil living, versus God-trusting or faithful living. I love it--the beauty and the struggle played out inside the hidden ordering.

You and I are capable of self-serving, and of God-serving. Being still so we can discern the difference is the key. I need moments of stillness to see what is good and to rekindle trust that there is more…more true goodness, more to learn, more to love and so much Good News to share.

Let's pray verse 1 of the hymn “Be still, my soul”

Be still, my soul; the Lord is on your side; bear patiently the cross of grief or pain; leave to your God to order and provide; in every change he faithful will remain.

Be still my soul; your best, your heav’nly friend through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

—Rev Susan Landry, District Superintendent, South West District


Commit your way to the Lord;
Trust in Him and He will act

Psalm 37:5

Memory Verse

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.

Prayers of Invocation

Week 1: Focus on Health and Wellbeing
Lord, pour out your Holy Spirit upon… 

  • Wesley Woods Residents and Staff
  • Murphy Harpst Residents and Staff
  • Wellroot Family Services Clients, Staff and Families
  • Emory Healthcare Patients and Staff
  • Wesley Foundation staff and leaders

Praying for One Another

Lord, pour out your spirit on the following Central East District churches:

Rock Springs UMC
Simpsonwood UMC
Snellville Hispanic Mission
Snellville UMC
Social Circle UMC
St James UMC Athens
St Stephen UMC Monroe
Statham UMC
Sugar Hill Hispanic Ministries
Sugar Hill UMC
Suwanee First UMC
Suwanee Worship Center UMC
The Fountain at Forsyth
The Fountain at Sugarloaf
The Korean Church Atlanta UMC
The Nett, Berkmar Campus
The Nett, Bethesda Campus
The Nett, Norcross Campus
The Orchard UMC

About the Prayer and Preparation Project

Each day from April 30 to June 3 you will be prompted with a Psalm to read, a short breath prayer or collect (call-ect) written by a North Georgia United Methodist, and prayers of invocation.

We invite you to share this with your family, small group, congregation, and Christian community. Whether you are attending Annual Conference or not, we pray this will better prepare all of us for true holy conferencing.

How to Participate

  • To receive a daily prayer prompt, text Prepare to 833-848-9264
  • Visit each day
  • Follow the North Georgia Conference on social media