Day 30 - May 29

35 Days of Prayer & Preparation


Eternal God, in whom we place our trust, hear our prayer this day.

Help us to hold nothing back from you and to trust that you want all of us, not only the good but also the ugly. It is difficult to fully let go of our anxiety and fear. The demands from without and the pressures from within cloud our judgment and steal our peace. We feel crushed by our worries; the turmoil of our days hides the evidence of all You are doing. 

God, who is more than we can ever comprehend, there are days that hope is gone, there is no joy to be found, and no reason to praise your name. We wonder why even care or do anything about the injustices we see. 

In Your name, we became overwhelmed by programs and commitments. You have driven us to the edge, and we feel you have left us with no guidance or direction. Lord, you are the God who saves us; day and night, we cry out to you. May our prayer come before you; turn your ear to our cry.

—Rev. Nelson M. Furtado Jr., Griffin First UMC

NOTE: A "collect" (call-ect) is a simple, focused prayer.


Every day I call on you, O Lord;
I spead out my hands to you
Psalm 88:9

Memory Verse

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
     your old men will dream dreams,
     your young men will see visions.
Joel 2:28

Prayers of Invocation

Week 5 Focus: Scriptural Literacy and Imagination
Lord, pour out your Holy Spirit upon… 

children’s directors
youth directors
Sunday school teachers
small group leaders
Bible study leaders
Vacation Bible School coordinators and volunteers
pastors and church staff
lay leaders
recent graduates

and this Memorial Day, Lord, pour out your Spirit on all who grieve the loss of a loved one in service to their country. 

Praying for One Another

Lord, pour out your spirit on the following South East District and South West District churches:

Washington First UMC
Wesley Chapel UMC Eatonton
Wesley Chapel UMC Elberton
Wesley UMC Evans
Woodlawn UMC Augusta
Young Memorial UMC Thomson

Aldora UMC
Allen Lee Memorial UMC Grantville
Andrews Chapel UMC Newnan
Antioch UMC Thomaston
Barnesville First UMC
Barrow Chapel UMC
Bethany UMC Fayetteville
Bethel UMC Troup
Big Springs UMC Mountville
Brooks UMC
Burks Chapel UMC
Burns UMC
Caney Head UMC
Christ UMC Forsyth

About the Prayer and Preparation Project

Each day from April 30 to June 3 you will be prompted with a Psalm to read, a short breath prayer or collect (call-ect) written by a North Georgia United Methodist, and prayers of invocation.

We invite you to share this with your family, small group, congregation, and Christian community. Whether you are attending Annual Conference or not, we pray this will better prepare all of us for true holy conferencing.

How to Participate

  • To receive a daily prayer prompt, text Prepare to 833-848-9264
  • Visit each day
  • Follow the North Georgia Conference on social media