Day 9 - May 8

35 days of  Prayer and Preparation


Loving God, when we are struggling and feeling crushed by the reality of our lives, remind us of your love and strength. Remind us when we fear the loss of control, are overwhelmed by the judgement of others and witness the suffering of those we love, that You are still present. Even though you do not take away our dark nights and human pain, somehow you permeate our suffering through and through. Somehow your love overwhelms our ability to comprehend it, and we find security and strength beyond understanding.  Thank you for your salvation. Amen. 

—Rev. Debbie Carlton, Dacula UMC

NOTE: A "collect" (call-ect) is a simple, focused prayer.


Our heart has not turned back,
nor have our steps departed from your way
Psalm 44:18

Memory Verse

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
     your old men will dream dreams,
     your young men will see visions.

Prayers of Invocation

Week 2: Focus Community Engagement
Lord, pour out your Holy Spirit upon… 

  • the communities surrounding our churches and those who need to experience your grace, mercy, justice, righteousness, and love. Make our church one that is known to be a place of refuge and inclusion.

Praying for One Another

Lord, pour out your spirit on the following Central South District churches:

Gaithers Chapel UMC
Glen Haven UMC
Glenn Memorial UMC
Grace UMC Covington
Hampton UMC
Harvest Point UMC
Jodeco Road UMC
Julia A. Porter Memorial UMC
Kelley Chapel UMC
Kings Memorial UMC
Kingswood UMC
Lawrenceville Road UMC
Lithonia First UMC
Locust Grove UMC
Lovejoy UMC Newton County
McDonough First UMC
Mt Bethel UMC McDonough
Mt Carmel UMC Hampton
Mt Pleasant UMC Social Circle
Mt Zion UMC Ellenwood
Neighborhood UMC

About the Prayer and Preparation Project

Each day from April 30 to June 3 you will be prompted with a Psalm to read, a short breath prayer or collect (call-ect) written by a North Georgia United Methodist, and prayers of invocation.

We invite you to share this with your family, small group, congregation, and Christian community. Whether you are attending Annual Conference or not, we pray this will better prepare all of us for true holy conferencing.

How to Participate

  • To receive a daily prayer prompt, text Prepare to 833-848-9264
  • Visit each day
  • Follow the North Georgia Conference on social media