Deacon Steps

Is God calling you?

If you believe God is calling you to the ministry of the deacon, to connect the church with the world, spend time in discernment, listening to God.

Talk to your pastor or deacon.

God uses others to help in your discernment. Listen to what they say. Read The Christian as Minister and the Ministry Inquiry Process.

Meet with the Pastor Staff/Parish Relations Committee.

With their approval and consultation with the District Superintendent you can continue your discernment with a mentor.

Meet with the District Committee on Ordained Ministry.

You will be interviewed to become a “certified candidate.” After meeting the educational requirements for commissioning your District Committee will make a recommendation to the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.

Complete Your Educational Requirements.

There are four routes to becoming a deacon.

1.  Bachelor’s Degree and Master of Divinity OR
2.  Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from approved seminary OR
3.  Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in area of specialization and Basic Graduate Theological Studies OR
4.  Bachelor’s Degree and Professional Certification and Basic Graduate Theological Studies (over 35 years old)

Become Ordained Deacon in full connection.

This begins a lifetime of servant ministry to Word and Service.

Deacon appointments may include:

Local church (rural or urban)

Within team ministry
Music ministry
Christian education
Mission outreach
Parish visitor
Youth ministry
Business administration
Ethnic ministries

A group of churches or district

Music ministry
Disaster relief
Homeless ministry
Outreach to community
Unemployed ministry
Youth ministry
Mission strategy
Rehabilitation programs
Ethnic ministries


Community centers
Aged-care facilities
Hospice-care centers
General agencies
Group homes

Parish ministries

  • With children, elderly, homeless, unemployed, drug abusers, disabled
  • As parish nurse
  • Legal assistant
  • Annual Conference

Connectional ministries

  • Mission strategy
  • Social justice

Campus ministry