Inclusion and Advocacy

Welcome to the Conference Inclusion and Advocacy Resource Page

This ministry seeks to:

  • cultivate and strengthen engagement with Communities of Color and within multi-ethnic communities, as foundational to our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, from all communities, for the transformation of the world
  • help clergy and laity in predominantly white/Anglo churches engage in dialogue about systemic racism and white privilege, and developing plans and ministry as a result of that dialogue
  • ensure the intentional development of Leaders of Color across the North Georgia Conference, both lay and clergy
  • plant new churches and ministry expressions serving Communities of Color and within multi-ethnic communities, with equal access to North Georgia Conference funding and other resources
  • Increase communication, coordination, and collaboration between and among Conference boards, committees, advocacy groups, and agencies with an aim to focus and deepen support offered to all North Georgia Conference congregations and the communities they serve. 

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Brian Armon Tillman
Director of Inclusion and Advocacy
(678) 533-1441