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Sessions Include:

knowing thyself
This session involves understanding your leadership style, how you are perceived by and affect others and how to enhance your interactions with others.
understanding the adolescent world
This session includes a survey of contemporary youth cultures and the development context of adolescence.  Also includes a discussion of how these factors can shape your ministries with youth.
cultivating a theology of youth ministry
This session explores the vocation of the youth minister in the logic of God and aims to help you make sense of your role in relation to God's work of reconciliation.
discerning models of discipleship
This session explores various approaches to youth discipleship, with a view to helping you discern which approach makes sense in your context.
taking care of soul and self
This session explores special problems and questions faced by youth ministers-including how to sustain creative ministry; how best to frame job descriptions; how to sustain emotional and spiritual health, transitions and relationships as a means to foster growth in faith.
refining practical policies and processes
This session considers practical policies and standards for doing youth ministry that have endured the tests of time, wisdom and effectiveness.
relating to historical doctrines
This session includes a review of key historical Christian doctrines as clues for our role in ministry to, for and with youth.
negotiating local church structures
This session includes exploring how to be a valuable member of a church staff, considering how to navigate common church practices and United Methodist systems.
bringing the bible to life
This session includes exploring the art of creatively bringing the Holy Scriptures to life for teens.


The cost  is $500.  This includes all materials needed for class, lodging and meals for the retreat, meals for the one-day sessions, and resource books.  Limited scholarships may be available. 

For more information, contact Sam Halverson shalverson@ngumc.org.