Disability Concerns

"Congregations Totally Accessible to Everyone"

Special Gifts Initiative 


To acknowledge that we are all God’s children no matter our abilities or disabilities; to have all churches and congregations totally accessible to everyone; to continue making changes all of the time and in every place we as United Methodist come together - realizing that many are unable to drive, see, hear and some may be mentality challenged. 

Additionally, to pay attention so that those who wish can also attend and take part in worship; each of us have disabilities, some are more noticeable than others.  

God does not make us disabled but we ourselves choose to allow others to decide the limits of our disabilities. We as God’s children must see that when the body does not work like everyone who are considered able bodied does not mean the mind no longer works. 

Lastly to envision every United Methodist Church not make the statement that they have no one in there churches who are disabled but to asked the question, “why not?" 


  • DisAbility Ministries Committee of The United Methodist Church Brochure (UMCOR) (Check back soon for more information)
  • Accessibility Grants (Check back soon for more information)


Stephen Taylor, NGC Representative