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"Giving Help, Hope and Healing to Survivors of Disaster"

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Scott Parrish, NGC Disaster Response Coordinator

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Bishop Sue Calls for Volunteers in North and South Carolina

North Georgia's bishop recently traveled to disaster response sites in South Carolina and North Carolina to visit with residents, talk with Conference leaders, and to offer a hand from our Annual Conference to theirs.



One of the ways we can most help in times of disaster is with our financial gifts. Make a donation to UMCOR through your local United Methodist Church. As always, 100 percent of designated funds go to those in need. Use NGUMC Fund #4390 for UMCOR US Disaster Response. 

Deployment Procedures

Disaster Response Teams working through The United Methodist Church are known for being the first to arrive and last to leave in times of disaster. By coordinating with local and national response organizations and following established protocols, the United Methodist connection is effective and useful. Here is the deployment procedure for ERTs (Early Response Teams):

  1. ERTs from within the affected Conference are deployed first (if available).

  2. When additional ERTs are needed from outside that Conference they will request assistance from the Conferences in their Jurisdiction. (Contiguous conferences first and then outward.) 

  3. Should additional teams become necessary from outside the affected Jurisdiction then notification will come from the Jurisdictional UMVIM coordinators (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission). 

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