Disaster Response Ministry


"Giving Help, Hope and Healing to Survivors of Disaster"

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Scott Parrish, NGC Disaster Response Coordinator

Hurricane Florence Response

North Georgia United Methodists are praying for all in the path of Hurricane Florence. 



One of the ways we can most help in times of disaster is with our financial gifts. Make a donation to UMCOR through your local United Methodist Church. As always, 100 percent of designated funds go to those in need.

  • NGUMC Fund #4390 for UMCOR US Disaster Response.
  • NGUMC Fund #9431 has been set specifically for Hurricane Florence Relief.

Emergency Call Chain and Response

Immediately following a disaster in our Conference, the pastor of a local church inspects damage to any/all church property and makes two phone calls to:

a) The District Superintendent

b) The Trustee Chairperson for their local church (Trustee Chairperson contacts the insurance company for the local church and begins deliberations according to church's policy.)

See the full call chain below.


Deployment Procedures

Disaster Response Teams working through The United Methodist Church are known for being the first to arrive and last to leave in times of disaster. By coordinating with local and national response organizations and following established protocols, the United Methodist connection is effective and useful. Here is the deployment procedure for ERTs (Early Response Teams):

  1. ERTs from within the affected Conference are deployed first (if available).

  2. When additional ERTs are needed from outside that Conference they will request assistance from the Conferences in their Jurisdiction. (Contiguous conferences first and then outward.) 

  3. Should additional teams become necessary from outside the affected Jurisdiction then notification will come from the Jurisdictional UMVIM coordinators (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission). 


Be in Disaster Response Ministry

What does it take to become active in:

Current Trainings Offered:

Early Response Team (ERT)
Basic Class


  • Saturday, December 8, Cascade UMC
  • Saturday, December 8, @ Roswell UMC
  • Saturday, January 12, @ Northside UMC
  • Saturday, January 12, @ Mount Pisgah
  • Saturday, January 19, @ Gainesville
  • Saturday, January 26, @ Athens
  • Saturday, Feburary 2, @ 
  • Saturday, February 9, @ 
  • Saturday February 16, @ Salem Campground, NGA Disaster Academy, with a variety of ERT, renewal, and 200 level courses. 
  • Saturday, February 23, @ 


Disaster Response Training:

Winter Quarter 2019

We'll again offer ERT and renewals in locations across North GA as we make the training & networking available to our 850 churches. More details and registration soon for these January- March Saturday classes. 


NGA Disaster Academy

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Salem Campground

Featuring Classes, Networking, Trailers & Tools, and Demonstrations

More Details TBA



North Georgia Warehouse

The Conference Disaster Response Warehouse is open only by appointment. A church should bring enough volunteers to unload your cleaning buckets as our coordinators only do administrative tasks related to the donations. Please make an appointment with Rev. Matt Murphy at 404-403-5233 or Headland Heights UMC at 404-344-0144.

Relief Supply Kits 

Find the current requests for UMCOR relief kits and instructions at https://www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies. We are ony receiving cleaning kits at this time in our North GA warehouse. 

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