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Saturday, August 29, 2020
Thank You: Volunteers, Vendors, and Staff Put in Countless Hours to Host Virtual Annual Conference
Thanks to all who were part of the production (onsite and remote) of the first Virtual North Georgia Annual Conference Session. Their faithful collaboration enabled approximately 1,800 members and guests of the Conference to participate in the session. Those who served onsite and remotely, many assisting with multiple tasks are:

Our Team

Resident Bishop:
Sue Haupert-Johnson
Associate Secretaries:
Joya Abrams, Dave Allen Grady, Chris Branscomb, Kathy Brockman, Lee Fullerton, Rachel Fullerton, Jimmy Moor, Josh Roberts, Dalton Rushing, Blair Tolbert, Max Vincent
Conference Chancellor:
Jim Thornton
Conference Communicator:
Sybil Davidson

Conference Secretary:
Donn Ann Weber

Conference Treasure/Director of Administrative Services:  
Keith Cox

Daily Proceedings Committee:
Jane Finley, Woody Driskill
Expressions of Gratitude:
Terry Walton, Bernice Kirkland

help@ngumc.org Desk:
Keeancha Hawkins, Michael Murphy-McCarthy, Bruce Cooper, Chris Branscomb

Information Technology & Management Information Systems:
Michael Murphy McCarthy
Robert Gilleo, Judy Imig-Bush, Ken Weber

Dave Allen Grady, Chris Branscomb, Josh Roberts
Michael Dauterman, Will Buthod, Ashley Herring; Josh Cymbal, Audio Engineer

Chris Branscomb, Josh Roberts

Elijah Shoaf, Brad Biggerstaff, Ariel Murphy, Ellie Dillworth
Bill Britt, Bill R. Burch, Charles Darden, Hal Jones, Kathy Lamon, Bill Martin, Michael Murphy-McCarthy, Catherine B. Olson, John Simmons, Terry Walton

Presenter support:
Keith Cox, Bruce Cooper, Amy King, Amanda Setili, Jim Thornton

Keeancha Hawkins, Bill Martin, Michael Murphy McCarthy, Meg Morrison

Video Production:
Robert Pancake
Visual Choir:
Barbara Holbrook, Mary Lynn Luke, Harv Wileman, Catherine Elliott, David Daniel, Beth Brown Shugart, Troi Aragon-Buchanan, Michael Devine, Tiffany Uzoljie, Nicole Marane, Melodi Lovely, Michael Dauterman, Michael Ervin, Stephen Mitchell, and Paul Neal representing:
Alpharetta First UMC, Crossroads UMC, Dalton First UMC, Decatur First UMC, Duluth First UMC, Eastside UMC, Northside UMC, Sandy Springs UMC, St. James UMC (Alpharetta), Glenn Memorial UMC, St. James UMC (Atlanta), Athens First UMC, and Rome First UMC.

Visual Team:
Deanne Lynch; Cyndi McDonald
Zoom Call Team:
Yvette Massey, Blair Tolbert, Max Vincent

Clergy Executive Session:
Bernice Kirkland, Director, Center for Clergy Excellence; Michelle Levan, Assist. Director, Center for Clergy Excellence; Julie Boone, chair, Board of Ordained Ministry

Our Partners:

Gestures of Appreciation:
Gifts given thanks to the generosity of
North Georgia Agencies: Georgia UM Foundation, UM Federal Connectional Credit Union;
Mountain home weekends: Rudy & Elizabeth Pittman, David & Elizabeth Umberson.
Gifts given to: Action Ministries, North Georgia Housing & Homeless Council, Wellroot Family Services, Aldersgate-Collinwood, Wesley Woods Foundation, North Georgia Camp & Retreat Ministries, Georgia UM Commission on Higher Education & Collegiate Ministry, Murphy Harpst Children's Center, UM Foundation for Retired Ministers, UMCOR.
The Classic Center:
Paul Cramer, Mia Pope, Amanda Chandler, Brittany Clarke, Shannon McCullough, Katherine Puckett, Tim DeMott, Catie Stewart, Amanda Moses, Ellis Bradford, Jerrold Wingfield, Matt Langston, Dhen Carranza, Katie Williams, Jay Boling, Tamara Rosekrans, Steve Eirish, Brandon Stroud, Scotty Dodd
Custom Media Solutions:
Jayce Fincher, Kevin Fornes, Patrick McEwen, Brian Merritt, Michael Simmons, Andrew Williams, Anthony Young, Rachel Young
Lumi Global:
Adam Zuber, David Carter