Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Assignments Extended for SEJ Bishops
The SEJ College of Bishops has announced the plan for episcopal supervision for the Southeastern Jurisdiction until the postponed session of Jurisdictional Conference in November 2021.

This plan was developed in consultation and dialogue with the SEJ Committee on Episcopacy, and the Council of Bishops has affirmed the actions of the SEJ College of Bishops to provide coverage in each episcopal area.

The assignments for the jurisdiction are:
1. Alabama-West Florida – Bishop David Graves
2. Florida – Bishop Ken Carter
3. Holston – Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor (postponing retirement)
4. Kentucky and Red Bird – Bishop Leonard Fairley
5. Memphis and Tennessee – Bishop Bill McAlilly
6. Mississippi – Bishop James Swanson (postponing retirement)
7. North Alabama – Bishop Debbie Wallace-Padgett
8. North Carolina – Bishop Hope Ward (postponing retirement)
9. North Georgia – Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson
10. South Carolina – Bishop Jonathan Holston
11. South Georgia – Bishop Lawson Bryan (postponing retirement)
12. Virginia – Bishop Sharma Lewis
13. Western North Carolina – Bishop Paul Leeland (postponing retirement)

The current SEJ Committee on Episcopacy will continue to work with the College of Bishops to support the episcopal leaders and the conferences they serve.