2019 Philippines Missional Bridge
Sunday, February 3, 2019 to Monday, February 11, 2019

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Scott Parrish

2019 FEB 3-11 Proposed Plan  
Hands On Service
Location: Angat or Wesleyan University
Installation of Solar Power Grid
Installation of Fresh Water Well
Establishment of Community Garden
Feeding Program
The service element of the 2019 Initiative will provide a “hands on” opportunity for those who are wired to “do” something.  However, part of this experience should include time to reflect on Biblical/theological implications of mission as witness.
Location:  Mary Johnston Hospital
Community Health
Nursing School Assistance
North Metro Cemetery
This service element places participants directly in the world of the poor. Like the service offering above, time to reflect Biblically/theologically on the experience ought to be built into the experience.
Location:  Good Samaritan UMC:
Discipleship: Urban & Rural Learning Communities
Pastors & Laity have the opportunity to learn disciple making processes and church growth in a non American setting.
Missional engagement that equips, transforms and sustains
Hands On Service & Learning Opportunity to focus on sustainability and transformation
* Teaching:
Location: Good Samaritan UMC
Worship Planning for PAC Cabinets/Pastors:  Kindling the Fire
Herzen and/or Scott could come early and lead this at the front end of the week, prior to the arrival of the larger group.