NEast District Nominations Committee
Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

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Holley Butkovich

District Nominations for Committees is open through March 16. Please submit your nominations through the online form.

The nominations committee will meet to finalize the list of nominations to be presented for a vote at the District Conference in May.

You may nominate yourself or anyone else that may be a good fit. Please submit one form for each nominee. 

Please submit your nominations by March 16, 2021. The Nominations Committee will meet March 23 and committees will be presented at our District Conference in May for a confirmation vote.

North East District would like your nominations for each of the following committees:
District Union 
District Union combines the duties of Trustees and Finance committees. Compiles annually a complete budget for the District and submit to the District Conference for review and adoption.  Membership consists of clergy and laity from the District.   Functions similarly to Trustees of a local church. Elected for a term of one year, at least 1/3 laywomen and 1/3 laymen, at least two thirds shall be professing members of The United Methodist Church. Elected for a term of one year and serve until their successors have been elected, and they report annually to the DS. 

Committee on Church Development/ Strategic Growth Ministry
Gives oversight to the property transactions, church building sites, ascertaining that such sites are properly located for the community to be served and adequate in size to provide space for future expansion and parking facilities. Membership will be six to nine persons and must include 1/3 clergy, 1/3 laymen, and 1/3 laywomen. 

Board of Laity 
Purpose is to foster an awareness of the role of laity, work with district lay leader to develop and increase laity participation, and to develop and promote stewardship within district council of ministries. Membership includes district lay leader, associate district lay leader(s), district director of Lay Servant Ministries and may include DS, district president of the United Methodist Women, district president of United Methodist Men, district president of United Methodist Youth, district president of the United Methodist Young Adults. Special attention to the representation of racial and ethnic persons, youth, young adults, older adults and people with disabilities

Committee on Lay Servant Ministries
Purpose is to plan and supervise the program within the district, provide basic training for local church lay servants and advanced courses for certified lay servants. Committee is chaired by district director of Lay Servant Ministries, membership includes the district lay leader, the DS and an instructor of lay servant courses, others may be added as needed.

Committee on Ordained Ministry
Committee is comprised of at least three professing members of local churches, a representative from the Board of Ordained Ministry, DS, and at least six other clergy in the district.  Clergy shall include elders and deacons, and where possible, women and ethnic clergy, a deacon or elder who is age 35 or younger, an associate member, and may include one local pastor who has completed Course of Study. Committee meets at least twice in the spring and twice in the fall.

Superintendency Committee
Comprised of eleven members, including the district lay leader, and two persons appointed by DS. Remaining members consist of two laywomen, two laymen, two clergy and two at-large members, all of whom should be selected with special attention to the representation of racial and ethnic persons, youth, young adults, older adults and people with disabilities.  At least three of the eleven persons shall be clergy, and seven shall be laypersons. All lay persons shall be professing members of a local church. Committee meets at least annually and upon call of DS or chairperson of the committee.

Nominations Committee
District committee on nominations, composed of five clergy and six lay members. The district committee on nominations shall assist in identifying, recruiting and recommending potential leaders to the conference committee on nominations.