Family Disaster Kit


Have a Disaster Supplies kit ready in case of an emergency

In our area, a disaster could be a winter storm, a tornado, or an earthquake.  When disaster strikes, advance preparation can help you and your family to endure an evacuation or home confinement (Shelter-In-Place). Gathering supplies and tools could be the key to your recovery. There are two checklists and a supplement, which will help you to create your basic disaster supplies kit or to have “at-ready” to add to kit.

 FEMA recommends being able to handle 3-7 days without any outside support.  This involves food, usually canned or dried; water, stored but rotated before the expiration date, clothing appropriate to the time of the year; and a source of cooking (gas will work during power outages).

Shelter-In-Place Supplie

 Water, 1 gallon per person per day for drinking and sanitation and stored in plastic bottles

 Water and food for pet

 Food, non-perishable (soups, dried    vegetables and meats, canned goods)
   -  Canned juice, milk, etc.
   -  Can opener for food (canned goods)
   -  Cooking containers
   -  Disposable Plates, bowls, cups, & utensils
   -  Infant formula and diapers
 Means of cooking
   - grill, natural gas line or propane tank (outside only)
   - gas kitchen stove will usually work
   - camping stove (outside only)
Fire place
Kerosene heater (refill outside)

Personal Disaster Supplies Kit (review annually)
Alarm Clock, battery-operated
AM/FM Radio, battery-operated or crank
NOAA Radio with tone alert
Cell Phone (with the car charger cable)
Extra Batteries for Radio/Flashlight (keep in refrigerator)
First Aid Kit
Flashlights, battery-operated or crank
Sturdy container for above (backpack/plastic container) 

Other Supplemental Items for Your Supplies Kit
Baby Supplies
Blankets, Sleeping Bags and Pillows (if going to shelter)
Book, or other reading material
Car Keys
Children’s Books and a few toys
Camera and Film to document any damage for insurance
Clothes, Shoes, and Raingear (if going to shelter) 
Extra pair of glasses
Fire Extinguisher (ABC)
Matches or Lighter in a waterproof bag 
Fuel in Car
Gas Cans
 Insect Repellent
 Items for Elderly or Disabled family members
? Paper Products, toilet paper and paper towels
? Sunscreen
?Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items
? Soap and Toiletries

Essential Records Bag (Part of Evac Kit)

Waterproof Plastic bag:
Credit Cards and Cash
Pencils, paper, & Scissors
Maps with Marked Escape Routes*
List of bills with addresses, account #, and phone
Inventory of house and/or pictures:
List -Family Physicians (name and phone)
Copies of Life & Medical & Homeowner Insurance (company, phone, account number)
Important Family Information including person not located locally (names and phone)
Medical Devices Information (brand, model & serial # of devices such as a pace maker, glasses)
Prescriptions and reserve medications
Tools and Recovery Supplies Kit
Brooms and Mops for clean up

Caulking Gun and caulk
Chain Saw
Extra Chain for Chain Saw
Fuel for Gas-Powered Tools (50:1 mixture, usually)
Cleaning Supplies
Cordless Drill
Crowbar or Wonder Bar
Duct Tape
Grill, Propane Gas
Hand saws
Ladder (step and/or extension)
Lumber, strips to hold plastic/tarp? Nails and/or Screws
Pliers and adjustable wrench
Tarps or plastic sheeting for windows/roof
Trash Bags
Utility Knife with retracting blade
Wet/Dry Vacuum
Work Gloves