Fantastic PDFs & How to Make Them

WHY do I have to use the PDF format?!? 
Primarily, it's about size and compatibility. Your file will be uploaded to NGUMC, which only accepts the PDF format. It will also be emailed repeatedly, stored on the district computer and possibly printed out. If you send a photo file like gif, jpg or png, printing is wasteful, emails are bloated and optical character recognition is needed to convert it which in most cases loses the signature and handwriting. 


Photo File

Properly Scanned PDF File

Okay, I'll just convert the file from a jpg to a pdf.
It's still a photo. If you can convert a file, scanner settings should be a piece of cake.

My scanner doesn't have PDF.
Bip Bip Bip! Yes it does.
PDF is the business standard for document transfer worldwide. 
Much like Christianity, you should consult the manual. If you've lost your manual, Google the make & model of your printer (ex: "Epson ET-4760 scan as pdf") OR go to the brand's site (ex: " to find your manual or search "scan to pdf" on the page then follow the instructions.

My computer doesn't have PDF.
(See above)
Clergy often share all sorts of weird alternatives to avoid Adobe. Please, just download the safe, free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download for FREE here.

All this has failed me. I have a scanner chiseled from stone during the Nixon administration.
There's no manual, the company is out of business and a family of field mice is roosted in the paper drawer.

Open your printer/scanner software that came with your scanner. Depending on your machine, choose "Settings" or "Options" (this may be under "Tools") or the little settings gear in the corner. Go to "Type" or "Save as Type" (or similar) then click the PDF option. You won't even wake the mice.

I cannot, will not and SHAN'T download Adobe! You can't make me!
Your scanner will create the PDF. Just email it to the district office. You don't have to open it or download software.

I tried and I'm frustrated and it's ruining my Tuesday.
Find someone in your church, family or bowling league that has a scanner. (Please keep privacy in mind) Have them scan it and email it to you, then forward it to the district office.

I don't have a scanner and no one I know does.
Take your forms to the library, or anywhere that does copies (Staples, Office Depot, UPS store, etc.) This will cost a certain amount per sheet.