Documents & Forms

___incremental time for 2020 part time positions.doc

2017 Dental and VSP Rates

2017 Health Flex Rates

2017 HealthFlex Enrollment-Change Form

2017 HF Exchange Plan Comparison

2017 HF Plan Changes

2017 HRA-HSA-FSA Comparison

2017 IRS W-2 Reporting Information HealthFlex

2017 Key Considerations for Choosing Among Medical Plans

2017 Participant Support

2018 hsa reporting to irs .pdf

2019 Health Flex Rates

2019 Health FlexPlan Comparison

2019 united healthcare benefit booklet.pdf

2020 benefit amounts for the comprehensive protection plan.pdf

2020 healthflex rates.pdf

2020 hf election form.pdf

2020 umpip.pdf

Affordable Care Act 2015 Booklet

Authorization For Automatic Deposits

Behavioral Healthcare

beneficiary designation form.pdf

benefits invoicing explanation.pdf

Catamaran Claim Form


Changes to Summary Benefits

cigna dental care - patient charge schedule.pdf

clergy benefits presentation.pdf

clergy retirement housing allowance.pdf

clergy retirement security program.pdf

Communication Regarding Church Pension Billing Change

Comparing HRA vs. HSA vs. FSA(MRA)

Consider Health Coaching

creating via benefits online account.pdf

crsp at-a-glance.pdf

CRSP Pension Waiver

CRSP Pension Waiver

Decision Support Handout

Defining Minimum

Dental Comparison

Dental Comparison guide

electronic voting information packet.pdf

Employer Payment Plans FAQ

Employment Documents for Change of Local Church Apptmt at AC

ey financial planning services 2019.pdf

First Time Pension Enrollment

flexible spending accounts 2019.pdf

FSA Grace Period FAQs

GBOP Investing Opportunities

guide to accessing your healthflex benefits.pdf

Health Care Reform: Small Business Health Care Tax Credit - 2014 Changes

Health Flex Enrollment Change Form

Health Plan Comparison

Health Savings Accounts

health savings accounts 2019.pdf

healthflex debit card faq 2019.pdf

healthflex exchange - 2020 updates.pdf

healthflex exchange - plan comparisions.pdf

healthflex exchange at a glance.pdf

HealthFlex Exchange Brochure

healthflex health reimbursement accounts faq 2019.pdf

HealthFlex Notice of Privacy Practices

healthflex rate comparison for web.pdf

HealthFlex Summary Plan Description

healthflex summary plan description 2019.pdf

healthy you...healthy umc.pdf

Hf Eligibility Enrollment

HFE Participant Workshops Sept-Oct

how do i choose my healthflex plans.pdf

hra hsa fsa comparison.pdf

hsa considerations - nearing medicare eligibility.pdf

hsa vs hra vs fsa 2019.pdf

I-9 Form and Instructions

I-9 Form and Instructions - Spanish


incremental time for 2020 part time positions.pdf

Individual Mandate

Insurance Guidelines

liability letter 9.1.2021.pdf

Life Enrollment Form

mental health benefits.pdf

park eye fund grant application.pdf

Participant Brochure

Pension Wavier Revocation

Required Exchange Notice

retiree medical.pdf

roth contribution guide.pdf

SS Reform In The US

UBH Pastoral Consultation Line

UHC Benefit Booklet - PPO

umpip at-a-glance.pdf

UMPIP Before/After Tax Agreement

UMPIP Billing Change Form

UMPIP Contribution Election Form

Understanding FSAs

Understanding HSAs

understanding your investment options.pdf

updated 2020 healthflex enrollment change form.pdf

updated healthflex notice of privacy practices 2019.pdf

via benefits enrollmentchange form.pdf

via benefits faqs.pdf

VSP Comparison Guide

Weight Watchers

Wellness Guidelines 25 to 64

Wellness Guidelines children

What to Expect in 2013-2014

Workers' Compensation