Fresh Expressions


A fresh expression is a new form of church for those not connected to any church. They take shape outside of the walls of the church in places where our neighbors are already gathering. Fresh expressions in the North Georgia Conference are making new disciples and are passing on the traditions of our Wesleyan faith in new and creative ways. Fresh expressions are anchored to existing churches, connecting churches with people who would never enter the church building on a Sunday morning. They do not exist to get people to come to our church, but rather to form new faith communities in places where people are already gathering.





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Come learn more about Dinner Church!                                                Have FX questions?  Join us on our FACEBOOK page        Book is required and participants should read the first                              to get answers live with NGA Cultivator and Pioneer             chapters prior to the first session.   Purchase here.                                                            Rev. Heather Jallad.          

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               Mondays, March 9-March 30   

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Local Church Workshop

Ready to start a Fresh Expression and need help determining your next steps? Schedule a Local Church Workshop with NGA Cultivator and Pioneer Rev. Heather M. Jallad. Local Church Workshops typically include 

Why the Church Needs Fresh Expressions. 

Discover the current state of the North American Church and a new way to reach our communities.

How to Start a Fresh Expression of Church.

Learn five steps that any church community can take to experiment with new forms of Church.

Three Roles in a Mixed Economy Church.

Help your church members find their place in the Fresh Expressions approach to mission.

Contact Rev. Jallad to schedule your workshop. 


This one-day workshop featuring David Fitch and J.R. Briggs will give you concrete methods for organizing your church to join God's mission in the world. Tickets include lunch and a copy of The book by David Fitch, "7 Practices for the Church on Mission".               

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Messy Church is an intergenerational experience for people who are looking for an interactive form of church. People of all ages and sizes are welcome whether you regularly attend church or have never stepped into a church before. At the monthly Messy Church gathering you will explore a biblical theme through hands-on creative activities, a short worship celebration of story, song and prayer and conclude at a table sharing a meal. It does not prioritize either the needs of children or adults but intentionally welcomes and provides for all ages.

The usual Messy Church experience includes relaxed welcome zone where people gather from their busy lives and reconnect with each other. Then activities for all-ages playing and working together begin to explore the theme of the bible story. A short interactive celebration time of story, song and prayer follows the activity time. Finally, the worship experience culminates in a meal together.

Rev. Greg Ross from Australia describes Messy Church in this way: 1) it introduces people to the risen Christ  2) by offering the unconditional hospitality of God  3) in a way that has all ages sharing together in all parts of Messy Church  4) and in ways that strive to engage people with creative opportunities and responses, and  5) it celebrates the gift of the whole of life.


March 21, 2020 | 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

at Neighborhood Church 

1561 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

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We see the unfolding of Present Future Church that is breathing life and hope into existing congregations and the neighborhoods and networks around them.

This gathering will reconnect you with hope for the Church

  • Hope for facing tomorrow's difficulties with 2,000 years of missionary experience
  • Hope from practitioners who have blended new and inherited forms of Church
  • Hope for how your church can address the complex social realities of the future

Three days of immersive learning, expert advice and missional inspiration. Key note speakers will include Len Sweet and Tod Bolsinger amongst others.

iNorth Georgia participants can receive an Early Bird registration fee of $99 through November 30th using code  NGAUMC.  A $20 discount applies to NGA participants after the early bird period.

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 Fresh Expressions Immersions are a three-day experience of in-depth training and observation to help local church leaders envision the potential of fresh expressions of church for their own congregation. In this intimate setting you will be receive a substantive look at multiple fresh expressions of church and the renewal and vitality that has been brought to the inherited congregation. Enjoy meals, training sessions, fireside discussions, conversations with a range of church members and leaders, and observations of fresh expressions in action.




Introduced at Annual Conference, the Center for Congregational Excellence is offering $500 micro grants for new Fresh Expressions!  

Step 1:  Talk with your pastor about your Fresh Expression and get their approval

Step 2:  Obtain approval from your Church Council  or Administrative Board

Step 3:  Submit your written proposal using the link below

Step 4:  Participate in a call with the FX Cultivator about your proposal

Click here for FX Micro Grant Application



Click here for the FX Matching Grant Application