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Can New People Find Your Church?

Whenever I travel and want to find a United Methodist Church to attend, I go to and click on Find A Church. All of the churches near me pop up, and I have the option to click on any of these churches to find their worship times. It is frustrating when the information found there is lacking. I have experienced that same frustration since I’ve arrived in the Gainesville District. When I look for information concerning the worship times of our district churches so that I can come and worship with you, I often encounter a site that does not have up to date information.

I want to encourage all of you, even those who have a robust website, to update the information that is found at, because many who move to your area and are looking for a United Methodist Church to attend often start at that website which pops up when they do a Google search.

If you click on, find your church, and then scroll to the bottom to the red bar that says, “Update Church Information,” you can update the information people will see if they search to find a church in your area.

People in your community and your colleagues may also use the Church Locator at to find your church. Go to and click "Churches" to search for your church. 

If the information there is incorrect, clergy can go to and click "Log In" or go directly to The “Church Information” page is under the Charge Conference section. Once you correct the form, the information on will update in 24 hours. 

United Methodist Communications has many resources available to local churches, and I encourage you to go to their website ( and see the many ways they would love to help you communicate your message to your community.

New people are moving into your communities everyday.  Let’s make it easier for them (and for me!) to find you!!

Peace and grace,

Charge Conference Season

During the months of September and October, I will conduct the yearly Charge Conferences among the Connection Groups. The order of the Charge Conference will differ this year due to the importance of presenting the proposals offered by the Way Forward that will be considered at the 2019 called General Conference. 

I encourage pastors and leadership from the laity to attend your Connectional Group’s Charge Conference in order to take this information back to your local churches. 

Churches will present the forms and information necessary for the Charge Conference, and I will then lead us through a presentation on the proposals. By presenting this information at the Connection Group meetings, I will have the opportunity to engage all of the churches in the district.

Below you will find a schedule for the Charge Conferences, and the report from the Commission on the Way Forward may be found by following this link:

Report from the Commission on a Way Forward (pdf)

I look forward to being with you as we continue to serve Christ in this time and place.

Peace and grace,



Connection Group Charge Conference Schedule - 2018

By Date

Group #6        Sunday, September 16 @ 4 pm         Dry Pond

Group #2        Sunday, September 23 @ 4 pm         Antioch, Clayton

Group #7        Tuesday, September 25 @ 7 pm        McEver Road

Group #3        Thursday, September 27 @ 7 pm      Cornelia

Group #4        Thursday, October 4 @ 7 pm             Confidence

Group #5        Sunday, October 7 @ 4 pm                Commerce

Group #10      Tuesday, October 9 @ 7 pm               Cleveland

Group # 9       Thursday, October 11 @ 7 pm           Highlands

Group #1        Sunday, October 14 @ 4 pm              Sharp Memorial

Group #8        Thursday, October 18 @ 7 pm           New Hope, GNSV


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