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“Humble Our Hearts”

         Every time I had the opportunity to share a meal at my grandfather’s table, he would share the same blessing.  “O Lord, humble our hearts with joy and thanksgiving as a blessing from thee.”  I think of those words often.  The older I get they take on a whole new meaning.

          Beyond just a blessing for a meal, these words are important as a reminder for all of our lives.  We receive such incredible blessings each and every day.  Often when those blessings continue to come, we start to think that we are somehow responsible for those blessings being a part of lives.  They come because of our intellect or station in life or because we have worked hard and deserve to be blessed.  Yes, we participate in the process, but we really have very little to do with the real blessings we receive.

         The real blessings come from a loving and caring God.  They should be received acknowledging the source.  Our blessings should be received with humble and thankful hearts.

          In this Thanksgiving season, and in every season, I need to be reminded of the prayer of my grandfather and I need to honor him by remembering his words.  Perhaps, all of us can honor God by taking time to repeat his prayer and taking the words of the prayer to heart.

          May you and your family, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God humble all of our hearts with joy and thanksgiving because a humble heart is indeed a blessing.

                    Blessings, Richard


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