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     I love the Christian season of Lent.  I love that this season is regarded with such intentionality by Christians around the world as we live into these forty days before the great celebration of Easter.  Some use this season as a time to begin or deepen a spiritual discipline.  Some use this season as a time to focus on physical health.  Some use it as a time to pick up the resolutions they made on January 1 and dropped soon after the new year!

    This Lenten season, I am setting aside time each day to sit in silence.  I have become overwhelmed by the onslaught of words and general noise that come at us every day through the radio, television, social media, emails, texts, FB messenger—oh my!!  Very little of what bombards us each day is kind or thoughtful or grace-filled.  Very little feels like it comes from the heart of God.  And I long to listen to the heart of God. 

    The prophet Elijah found himself overwhelmed by the pursuit of hate and harm, and when Jezebel threatened his life, he went into the wilderness longing to hear God’s voice.  He did not hear it in the strong wind or the earthquake or the fire.  He heard God speak “in a still small voice.”

    We hear God best when we make time to be silent and listen.  Just listen.  That quiet space enables us to draw near to the heart of God.  I encourage you to set a timer for just five minutes a day and be silent.  And listen.

    Praying you experience the grace, love, joy and peace that come from the heart of God.



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