GRFN Happenings

New Southwest District Information

The new Southwest District will consist of all churches from the former LaGrange District plus the churches in the Griffin District, minus the churches in Henry and Clayton Counties.  All churches located in Henry County, will now fall under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Quincy Brown. Churches in Clayton County, plus England Chapel, which is being paired with New Hope Clayton Co., will now work with Rev. Dr. Michael McQueen.

District Office Location:     430 W. Poplar St., Griffin, GA 30224 – current Griffin District Office

District Office Mailing Address:         P. O. Box 13, Griffin, GA 30224

Telephone Numbers:             770-227-1074 office phone

                                                770-467-0010 office fax machine

Email Address : 

District Office Hours:             Tuesday & Thursday, 9am – 4:30pm

Denise Wilson, District Administrative Assistant, will continue to be in the Griffin office during the hours stated above, and will be in LaGrange, working from home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Both she and Susan will be available to meet at locations throughout the district as needed.  All current phone numbers and email addresses will be closely monitored during this transition time so that we may be available to talk with you and assist you as always.  Please take note of the above contact information and begin to make these transitions with us.


Need help with online worship?

The Griffin District is pleased to provide to all of our churches a six week worship series in which we:

 *Provide a full worship service that churches post online or send as a link to their congregation.

 *Provide worship elements from that service that others can draw from to augment their own worship. 

The series includes sermons by Rev. Richard Winn, Rev. Susan Landry, Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson, and Rev. Phil Schroeder. Each service is based on a scripture from Acts, so that we can learn from some of the first Christians. All their ideas about "normal" were turned upside down. Yet God used this time to build a church! Links for accessing these resources are on the Griffin District Facebook page.

We extend a warm welcome to the following pastors who have received new appointments in the district:

Katie Mattox (John)                                        County Line

Billy Beard (Jo Ann)                                        Forsyth First (9/1/20)

Nelson Furtado (Michelly)                              Griffin First, Associate

Charles Starr (Sandra)                                    Hanleiter

Russell Nuss (Elizabeth)                                 Pomona

Bob Wooten (Jackie)                                      Prospect

Maria Bowers Gardiner (Rick)                        Sunny Side/Searcy (9/1/20)


2020 Annual Conference Sessions

Annual Conference will take place “virtually” on Saturday, August 29.  We will be providing detailed information on this meeting in the coming weeks, but please take note of the following dates and meetings related to Annual Conference.  Do note that you will need an email address in order to participate (vote) at the sessions.  Clergy must use their conference email address.
Important dates for the virtual 2020 Annual Conference Sessions include:

July 6-13 – Clergy Executive Session Registration

July 14 – Registered Clergy Receive Credentials for Executive Session by Email

July 16 – Virtual Clergy Executive Session

August 7 – Laity must have personal email address on record in Data Services

August 10 and 25 – Annual Conference Registration

August 26 – Registered Members Receive Credentials for Annual Conference by Email

August 29 – Virtual Annual Conference Session

Pastors, Please Note:

Clergy are strongly encouraged to check their email addresses directly through Gmail. However, some clergy prefer to forward their address to another account. Pastors who moved July 1 and forward their email should be sure to update the forwarding account. Access to your email is important for receiving district and conference communication as well as virtual Annual Conference credentials.