Handbook 2021


Report Deadline for the Digital Handbook
North Georgia Annual Conference

April 12, 2021

Theme – “Love is Making Room”

Report Format for 2021 North Georgia Annual Digital Conference Handbook

  • Use 12-point type, Times New Roman font.
  • Use Single line spacing.
  • Use Word software.
  • Margins: top 1.25”; bottom 1”; left 1”; right 1.25”.
  • Do NOT include logos, photos, letterhead or signatures on report.
  • Do NOT use “Track Changes” or edit feature at any point in the preparation of report. These submissions will be returned.
  • Do not use subscript or superscript, commonly used for footnotes and endnotes. Use in-text citations if needed.
  • Do Not send in PDF format.
  • Put name and title of report author at end of the report. Include email to use if there are questions.
  • Email to Conference Secretary at donnann.weber@ngumc.net by April 12, 2021.


Guidelines Regarding Content: Reports become part of the historical record of the North Georgia Conference when printed in the Conference Journal so it is important that your information is timely and correct.

  • Make reports accurate and complete but as concise as feasible in consideration of your purpose, and the readers’ time.
  • Prepare a concise summary report. Reports may be edited for space as needed.
  • Clearly identify any action(s) and/or vote(s) requested of the annual conference.
  • Please do not simply update your report from previous handbooks. 


Donn Ann Weber
Secretary of the North Georgia Conference
The United Methodist Church