Handbook 2014

Handbooks are provided to each member of North Georgia Annual Conference at their Distict pre-Conference briefing. Download a pdf of the handbook at the link below.

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Updates to Handbook
2014 North Georgia Conference

Please make the following corrections in the Handbook:


Page   16: change to Conference Board of Pensions & Health Benefits

Page   21: lines 24 and 25 change "7:30 a.m." to "8:00 a.m."  

Page   23: lines 28 and 29 change "7:30 a.m." to "8:00 a.m."  

Page   35: line 7 change location to “Two Story Coffee House”

Page   35: line 37 delete the entire line

Page   63: line 27 change the total for 2014 to $74,910

Page   69: line 6 change report reference to 202.l.

Page 147: line 1 change to “500.a. Lay Servant Ministry”

Page 148: line 1 change to “501 United Methodist Men…”

Page 149: line 1 change to “502 United Methodist Women”  

Page 204: line 23 bold the word “congregational”

Page 205: lines 38-39 add strike through beginning with “The officers of…

Page 206: lines 1-2 add strike through rest of sentence

Page 207: line 23 add strike through “the” before the word “bishop”


Other corrections, changes and additions will be posted on the conference website: ngumc.org and/or announced at the annual conference session.

Totebag Contents

Thank you to the United Methodist Children's Home for our #NGAC14 totebags! These three pieces are included:

Benefits Funding Plan

Nominations Report