Inclusion and Advocacy

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This ministry seeks to:

  • Increase communication, coordination, and collaboration between and among Conference boards, committees, advocacy groups, and agencies with an aim to focus and deepen support offered to all North Georgia Conference congregations and the communities they serve. 
  • Cultivate and strengthen engagement with Communities of Color and within multi-ethnic communities, as foundational to our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, from all communities, for the transformation of the world.
  • Help clergy and laity in predominantly white/Anglo churches engage in dialogue about systemic racism and white privilege, and developing plans and ministry as a result of that dialogue.
  • Ensure the intentional development of Leaders of Color across the North Georgia Conference, both lay and clergy.
  • Plant new churches and ministry expressions serving Communities of Color and within multi-ethnic communities, with equal access to North Georgia Conference funding and other resources.

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North Georgia Commission on Religion and Race Offers Statement Regarding Supreme Court Decisions on Affirmative Action
"... We will continue to endorse legislation that remedies social inequities. We will support institutions, in our connectional church and beyond, that lift the descendants of those who suffered the sins of chattel slavery, exploitative sharecropping, and legalized discrimination. We will persist in inviting and working toward an empowered United Methodist Church that supports equity and diversity here in the North Georgia Conference and around the world. ..." The North Georgia Conference ...
Reparations Task Force Continues Work and Study with Definitions, Framework, and Witness
Formed in response to thoughtful discussion at Annual Conference 2022, the Task Force will bring a report to the 2023 Annual Conference session By Latoya Damon   The Reparations Taskforce gathered on March 10 and 11 at Central UMC in Atlanta to continue their discussion on actionable steps toward restoring our beloved communities through racial healing and reconciliation. Curtis Paul DeYoung, a co-facilitator of the taskforce and the co-author of Radical Reconciliation: Beyond Political Pietism ...
Photo Taken at Central UMC Atlanta Among Winners of Smithsonian Magazine’s 20th Annual Photo Contest
Among the winners of Smithsonian Magazine’s 20th Annual Photo Contest is a photograph taken on the campus of Central United Methodist Church in Atlanta. The photograph is of one woman in a chair, waiting for her polling place inside the church to open. The location is especially poignant because Central UMC has a strong tradition and ministry around the support of voting rights.  Smithsonian Magazine explains: On assignment for an Amsterdam newspaper to document the November 2022 midterm ...
Focus Area: Racial Justice and Healing is the Pathway to Beloved Community
Racial Justice and Healing Academy Launching Soon By Rev. Brian Tillman I was in the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta one day. In the bottom level the King papers are held on a rotating display. On this occasion there was a pamphlet that Dr. King contributed to. He wrote about the aims of his resistance efforts and the strategy behind them. In it, he wrote something like, “We aim to resist in such a way that when we are ...


Brian Tillman
Director of Inclusion and Advocacy
(678) 533-1441

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