Inspiration from the Movement


Small church makes big impact with after-church fundraiser

Trinity UMC Durand is a small membership church with an average of 60 people in worship.  Last summer, two of our youth and I went on a Mission Trip with Pine Mountain UMC.  Every morning a different leader would tell a story of missions and how they got involved.  One morning, a young woman showed pictures of children in Uganda, similar to what we saw at Annual Conference.  She told how the children were dying of Malaria and how she was devoted to helping them.  She told that only $10 would provide a mosquito net to protect a child.  As we headed back to the dorms to get ready for the work day, one teen, Emily, stopped me and said, "Pastor Angie, we have to help these children.  Could we make this a year-long project for the youth to raise money to send mosquito nets?"  I told her about Imagine NO Malaria and how through this ministry we could save thousands of lives.

Back home, we began talking with the youth leaders to plan for fund raisers for Imagine NO Malaria.

Our youth group is small (9) and attendance is sporadic and we have never done fundraisers so it took a while to pick a date and decide what our first fundraiser would be. Emily spoke in church to tell about the ministry but we were not able to settle on a date to begin until spring. We decided to have a hot dog and chili lunch after church the Sunday after Easter. At that time, I had no idea that the mission push would be for Imagine NO Malaria. I was very pleased when emails came to me about the Lenten emphasis. 

I printed the inserts and placed them in every bulletin during Lent and announced our fundraiser to be the Sunday after Easter.  These wonderful teens and their leaders raised over $1,000 for this cause. It was quite obvious that God had a hand in all of this.  We are planning now to have a car wash in conjunction with our annual yard sale in September. I am in awe of what God is doing through our young people.

-- Rev. Angie Crummie, Trinity UMC, Durand