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Change and Connection—Celebrating 21 years!


I talk often about the connection we enjoy in the United Methodist Church; We are stronger together. This newsletter is full of ways that we are connecting to one another, challenging ourselves to grow in our ministries, and becoming stronger together.

I am excited to announce another level of connection within our Annual Conference:

On August 1, 2019, Denise Wilson will be the new Office Manager/Trainer of the Griffin AND LaGrange Districts. Congratulations, Denise!

Here in the LaGrange District, we are aware of the competency of Denise Wilson. We appreciate her efficiency, her dedication and her commitment and leadership for the last 21 years! And now, we know that the Griffin District will receive a great gift as Denise lends her aid there, as well. Today, we celebrate that Denise is being afforded this opportunity to stretch and share her gifts with others through administrative tasks, managing, coaching and training, not only here, but across district lines.

As a part of this new collaboration, Denise will be available to both districts by phone each day, though the office hours are changed. Please make note of the following office hours:

    LaGrange office: 8:30-4:30 Monday and Wednesday, and Friday 8:30-12:30

Griffin office: 9-4 Tuesday and Thursday

Denise, we are proud of you and appreciate your 21 years of service and your ministry for the cause of Jesus the Christ, as revealed in the LaGrange District of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. I praise God for changes that deepen our connection!

Your partner in the connection,




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Denise Wilson
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