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“Out of the Box”

At a time when getting “out of the box” is being preached at work and at church, too, boxes get a bad rap. Truly, whether in business or at church, we are seeking less boxes, not more, in our lives. But today, as we speak, some people are trying to find more boxes—and are even paying for them! Those people would be moving pastors—I know, because I was one of them last year. It was hard to find enough small boxes! Why small boxes? To aid in the daunting and backbreaking task of moving a vast theological library across the state!

As we prepare for Annual Conference, several pastors from the LaGrange District are projected to move. Please join me in thanking them for their years of service. We are who we are, in large part, because of these leaders.

Those leaving for an appointment in another District:

   Steve Dodson – Peachtree City                                         
   Brian Germano – LaGrange First
   Sam Newman – Caney Head/Roopville/Welcome


Those moving back into the laity (and avoiding the small box conundrum, we hope!):

   Richard Campbell – Emory Chapel                                    
   Dan McFarland – Ebenezer
   Wayne Ellis – Salem                                                             
   Danny Tomlinson – Haralson
   Don Jolly – Dunson


Those moving to another appointment within the LaGrange District:

   Renee Clark – St. Paul                                                          
   Kathleen Gillian – Mt. Gilead, Sharpsburg
   Joshua Daniel – Bethany                                                     
   Griff Jones – Hillcrest
   Carl Von Epps – White Plains                                             
   John Tomlin – Cornerstone
   Kimberly Evans – Pine Mountain                                      
   Kerry Wright Mountville Circuit


We love and appreciate you, good servants of God.  Romans 1:8 comes to mind, “First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed throughout the world.”


Pastors, we know your next steps will be full of faith and that the Lord will be lifted up by each of you, wherever you go. Be blessed in it all, in the name of Jesus. Amen.




All Clergy & Laity are invited to the Pre-Conference Briefing/Laity Celebration on Sunday, June 3 at the Korean Church of Newnan.  In addition to Annual Conference information, a number of clergy and laity will be recognized including moving/retiring pastors, Lay Servants and Lay Speakers, Leadership UMC graduates and more!  We will also present certificates to churches who paid 100% of their 2017 Conference Apportionments.



















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