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A Great View

Louis and I were blessed to visit the Holy Land last month. It was the trip of a lifetime. Our first night there, we discovered our hotel had one of the most beautiful views found anywhere in the town of Bethlehem. What an unexpected treat it was to look out the window and see traditional architecture unique to the town where Jesus was born. What a view!

Later in the week, we stood on the Mt. of Olives, in the Garden of Gethsemane. As we looked over the valley to see the city of Jerusalem up on the hill before us, our guide said “This was the view that Jesus had as he journeyed to the cross.” We recalled together the scripture, Luke 19:31 and following, “ As he came near and saw the city, he wept over it,  saying, “If you, even you, had only recognized on this day the things that make for peace!”

Jesus had a unique view, as the son of God. He saw the world as it was, and also as it could be. He knew that peace was possible if we could have recognized the things that make for peace. But we didn’t. We don’t, revealing that our view is incredibly limited.

Nonetheless, Jesus holds the big picture for us. He sees what we cannot, and still allows us room to choose greater vision, or to insist on our own, diminished version. Will we invite him to help us see the broader view, the spiritual view? The view for peace and love? Or will we refuse to recognize his view as the best of all?

My prayer is that we will choose the spiritual view, and show it, demonstrating the peace of Christ everywhere and especially in our churches. As you know, many new people will come seeking something at our churches on Easter. What will they see? What view will they have?

Let’s make sure that they see a fresh and clean house of God (perhaps because we had a church clean-up day)!
Let’s show them that we are glad they are home (because everyone needs a place to belong)!
Let’s ensure they remember that the UMC cares (by welcoming them warmly, and perhaps even putting a gift in their hands)!
Lastly, let’s help them to have a great view (even if we need to give up our own seats for it to happen)!























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