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October is an exciting month—cooler weather (maybe soon?), good football, bright colored leaves, and don’t forget Halloween… we can’t, even if we wanted to!

Even with all of these exciting activities, there is something still more exciting to teach, preach and write about: A Call to the Ministry!

October is “Call Month” for us in the North Ga Conference. During this month, or some Sunday soon, I challenge every church in the LaGrange District to have a Call Sunday, wherein your worship is focused on encouraging the people to perk their ears for the Call of God on their lives.

We know God is calling people, but often it takes something special to help them pay attention to that call—which may be more like an insistent whisper than a shout. Even more likely, that call may be heard through a simple acknowledgement of ones gifts for the ministry, from someone who sees the call on their life even before they do.

Think about it: When did you last have or hear a sermon focused on the call to the ordained ministry? We NEED the next generation of pastors, more diversity in our pastors, and all sorts of pastors: Elders, Deacons, and Licensed Local pastors. We need them to answer the call, and we need you to help them hear it! Don’t let this time go by without allowing God’s spirit to work through a Call Sunday at your church.

Yours on the Journey,


Find resources at our website Here you will find many ideas for how to deepen the culture of call in your church. At, you will find a great video that can be used in just about any setting—morning worship, youth group, bible study, you name it.













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