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Our District in Mission—following the Amens!

I have not been to El Salvador—yet. I will go within the next 2 years, however, because I long to see what you all have been accomplishing through this human bridge! Thus far, what can I add to the conversation when you are far more informed about it than am I? Amen?

Picture…as I met with the Board of Laity last month, I was excited to meet our District leaders. The passion around that table (and spilling out to the corners of the room since there weren’t enough seats) inspired me. I could see the willingness to step out of our comfort zones to meet needs—such big hearts beating in that room!

As we discussed the Bridges trips to El Salvador, I shared a truth from my own experience--mission trips change people’s hearts. I heard several “Amen”s. I continued, “When people go on a mission trip, especially to a 3rd world country, they are never the same.” The room was full of “Amen”s. I said, “I would love to see us connect our desire to reach young people with our passion for mission. I’d like to see us, perhaps, sponsor a couple of young adults to go on one of the District trips to El Salvador.” The room was full of “Amen”s.

But, how could we do it? People around the table began to share ideas, and it became clear that there was a will to find the money, and a belief that we could do it and that we should do it. Rev. Katie Mattox, as the District Young Adult Coordinator, sprang into action and said she could get an application together and would follow up on the ideas for funding. People were affirming, nodding and smiling. Someone shared a practical thought, and the heads nodded. Someone shared a supportive word, and the “Amen”s rang out.

So now, here we are—it’s time to step out and call to our young people. Church, I hope you will consider supporting this mission and our young people in three ways: 

  1. Please turn in your $100 per church for the overall mission to El Salvador. Except: larger churches, are you able to give more? One church has already given $500. What will you do?
  2. Please encourage a young adult (someone between 18 and 30) in your church to apply. Share this application form with them, noting the deadline of December 15. (Click here to download)
  3. Please pray for this mission, and for the lives that will be touched through it.

I hope that all of us will be praying for the power of the Holy Spirit to fill all who are stepping out on faith in this bridge to El Salvador. Did I hear your “Amen”? I thought I did. And I hope you heard mine.






























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