LaGrange District


Friends of the LaGrange District,

These times can feel surreal to us for multiple reasons, many of which we have been discussing regularly through our District Covid-19 updates. Thank you for seeking the best way forward in the face of your own challenges. This I know: together, we are making a difference by 1) Doing no harm, 2) Doing good, and 3) Continuing the ordinances of God. These simple rules aid us in our decision-making as Methodists, and your Bishop and Cabinet test ourselves by these benchmarks in each important discussion.

Today, I want to be sure you know how much I love and appreciate you, the people of this region we call the LaGrange District. From West Point to Fayetteville, and from Manchester to Roopville we are known for our missional outreach, and for our desire to make a difference not just in this area, but around the world. This district has been faithful to spreading the Gospel, helping people see the love of Jesus Christ through varied ministries to all people, spanning all ages, colors and ways of life.

I have been proud to be the District Superintendent of the LaGrange District for 3 years now. Yet, true to this very unusual time, we are making another transition. Our Annual Conference has made plans to streamline our ministries by shifting to 8 districts instead of 12. We do feel this timing is providential—we couldn’t have known how very important it would be to tighten our financial streams with the present challenges, but surely knew God and was leading us in this direction to organize missionally.

I count it joy to remain your District Superintendent going forward, as we come together with most of the present Griffin District (all but Clayton and Henry Counties). As Rev. Richard Winn retires as the Griffin DS, our combined districts will maintain the Griffin District office as the new District 8 Southwest, (since the building is owned), saving us the rental cost of our present LaGrange office.

Additionally, following the District Trustees and Church Development Committees’ recommendation to sell the LaGrange District parsonage, the District Delegation then voted and passed the motion to sell the parsonage, 94 to 4. The house is now on the market, remaining under the supervision of the District Trustees.

My prayer is that you can sense that God is leading us into this change, and has us working together for good in this way. While my territory will be increasing, please know that my love and care for this western part of the new district will remain. I will need some time to get to know the new territory. However, you will be made aware of the times that I will be in this portion of the district, on a regular basis. I would love to connect with you and aid you in whatever way possible.

As always, my ear, my phone, and my heart will remain available to you.

Your servant in Christ,




District Office Location: 430 W. Poplar St., Griffin, GA 30224 – current Griffin District Office

District Office Mailing Address: P. O. Box 13, Griffin, GA 30224

Telephone Numbers:770-227-1074; fax 770-467-0010;

Email Address:

District Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 9am – 4:30pm

Please note that current phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses for the LaGrange District Office will continue to be available for the next month or so. In addition, Denise will continue to be in LaGrange, working from home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  She will be available to meet with you as necessary at LaGrange First at a pre-arranged time.  Susan will also be available to meet at locations throughout the district as needed.  All phone numbers and email addresses will be closely monitored during this transition time so that we may be available to talk with you and assist you as always.  Please take note of these new contact numbers and begin to make these transitions with us.


District Superintendent

Susan Landry
(770) 227-1074

Administrative Assistant

Denise Wilson
(770) 227-1074