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MISINFORMATION: Some of you may have heard some misinformation about our great denomination splitting and possibly collapsing. Recently, at our Board of Laity meeting, our discussion revealed that people are still hearing whispers of the sure disaster of a coming split over LGBTQ inclusion.

You can’t believe everything you hear. CNN and FOX news agencies both got it wrong for the better part of a day. The news feed said our leaders had voted to split. They corrected it, but without much apology. By then, the word was out and the damage was done. Today, many of us are continuing to believe the misinformation. Please hear this—nothing new has been voted on for our denomination’s future. 

WHAT DID HAPPEN? A group of very diverse leaders met over a period of time, secured a renowned mediator, and worked on a “Protocol” for the possibility for certain groups to separate from the UMC gracefully. However, nothing has changed as of now. It is important that we are    informed—I refer you to our website for the details of the Protocol”, for our Bishop’s podcast, and for further reflections. (

WHAT IF…? Even if our May, 2020 General Conference does allow a way for certain group(s) to separate, it will not be a collapse of the United Methodist Church. Here is why: our UMC is a “big tent”, made up of traditionalists, centrists, progressives, and so many more who don’t fit the labels. Our strength has always been our open hearts, as we welcome all, “disciple” all we can, dispatch disciples for worship and service…for the transformation of the World. We aren’t going to stop our mission for Christ.

The UMC heart beats on…Thanks be to God.



PS—In case you missed it, one of our Licensed Local Pastors, Rev. David Adamson, shared an article through our Conference newsletter this week—it is on the cover! The topic—the story of one of our closed churches in this district.  (




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