LAGR Children and Youth Activities

LaGrange District Youth Coordinator - Mr. Brent Ritter, Newnan First,


Congratulations to the following youth who were selected by the District Board of Laity to represent the LaGrange District as Youth Delegates to Annual Conference in June:

Kayleigh Hammond – Turin UMC                               LaMarceo Brooks – Roe’s Chapel UMC

Christian Scott – Smith Chapel UMC                          Ahmaria Brooks – Roe’s Chapel UMC


Confirmation Retreats

The fall and spring Confirmation Retreats are designed for those young people who are learning more about what it means to follow Christ and to make a profession of faith. Each retreat is different, but each will be a weekend of learning through a variety of educational experiences and presentations by leaders in the conference, inspiring worship, some fun and games, and times for the youth to reflect on their faith and their desire to follow Christ and join the United Methodist Church. There will be large group experiences as well as small group times.


The Fall Retreat covers:

- Sessions with your own group helping youth discover their own faith journey and story and enabling them to share their stories with the rest of the group

- Activities especially designed to build trust and unity with your newly formed Confirmation group

- Worship centered on God's prevenient grace and how God interacts with us

The Confirmation Retreats are designed primarily for 6th-8th graders, but can include senior high if they have not yet been confirmed. Some youth groups bring older youth as "student counselors" and that's fine if you structure your church's confirmation experience that way.

North Georgia Conference Youth Ministry Resources

Find information, opportunities, events, and advice on youth ministry in the North Georgia Conference at (Hint: Fall Confirmation Retreat and Bridges Summer Mission Trip to the Bahamas are good places to start.)