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District Office Location:     430 W. Poplar St., Griffin, GA 30224 – current Griffin District Office

District Office Mailing Address:         P. O. Box 13, Griffin, GA 30224

Telephone Numbers:             770-227-1074 office phone

                                                770-467-0010 office fax machine

Email Address : 

District Office Hours:             Tuesday & Thursday, 9am – 4:30pm

Please note that current phone numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses for the LaGrange District Office will continue to be available for the next month or so.  In addition, Denise will continue to be in LaGrange, working from home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  She will be available to meet with you as necessary at LaGrange First at a pre-arranged time.  Susan will also be available to meet at locations throughout the district as needed.  All phone numbers and email addresses will be closely monitored during this transition time so that we may be available to talk with you and assist you as always.  Please take note of these new contact numbers and begin to make these transitions with us.



We extend a warm welcome to the following pastors who have received new appointments in the district as of July 1, 2020:

Dan Dixon (Brenda)                       Greenville

Nicholas Grainger                           Haralson

Hyeong Lee                                    Korean Church of Newnan, Assistant Pastor

Don Richards                                 Manchester

Sean Kilpatrick (Katelyn)               Moreland

Federico Apecena   (Veronica)      Newnan First, Associate Pastor

Elaine Crawford                             Powell Chapel

The following pastors have previously served in the LaGrange District and are moving to new appointments within the district:

Vince McGlothin-Eller (April)        Andrews Chapel

Harvey Bane (Marie)                    Hillcrest

John Tomlin (Mary Elizabeth)       North Fayette

Sherry Beasley                             Wadley Chapel

Carl Von Epps (Benita)                 Warren Temple

We wish these clergy and their families a wonderful start in their new appointments!

Back to our Buildings" Resources

Pastors, as we prepare to go back to our buildings for worship, we submit the following resources. Please begin these conversations with your leaders.

This article provides a thoughtful checklist that every church should consider before re-opening the doors:


We should ALL shift our mindset now from the idea of "going back to normal" to "ReLaunching". This can be a moment of great increase if we use what we learned during this time of sheltering for a true ReLaunch of our churches--with an eye toward doing only what is effective and reaching people for Christ. This tool, created by UMC Discipleship Ministries, provides guided sessions with your leadership, including helpful videos and a study guide. Please check it out.

Annual Conference 2020

Annual Conference will take place “virtually” on Saturday, August 29.  We will be providing detailed information on this meeting in the coming weeks, but please take note of the following dates and meetings related to Annual Conference.  Do note that you will need an email address in order to participate (vote) at the sessions.  Clergy must use their conference email address.

Important dates for the virtual 2020 Annual Conference Sessions include:

  • July 6-13 – Clergy Executive Session Registration
  • July 14 – Registered Clergy Receive Credentials for Executive Session by Email
  • July 16 – Virtual Clergy Executive Session
  • August 7 – Laity must have personal email address on record in conference Data Services
  • August 10 and 25 – Annual Conference Registration
  • August 26 – Registered Members Receive Credentials for Annual Conference by Email
  • August 29 – Virtual Annual Conference Session

 A Question:  Who Pays for Clergy Expenses?  The church where the pastor is appointed in August should pay for the cost of attending Annual Conference.  This means that if your church receives a new pastor July 1, you will pay the expenses of your new pastor; however, if your church receives a new pastor September 1, you will pay the expenses of your current pastor.  For pastors who will be retiring 6/30/20, you may apply for expense reimbursement from the Conference, through the Office of Clergy Excellence.  Check with Denise Wilson for details (