2019 Election of Lay Delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conferences

Delegates to represent the North Georgia Conference at the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences will be elected by the lay members of 2019 North Georgia Annual Conference session. Persons interested in offering themselves as candidates for election must meet the qualifications as outlined in the Book of Discipline:

“The lay delegates to the General and Jurisdictional or central conferences shall be elected by the lay members of the annual conference or provisional annual conference without regard to age, provided such delegates shall have been professing members of The United Methodist Church for at least two years next preceding their election, and shall have been active participants in The United Methodist Church for at least four years next preceding their election, and are members thereof within the annual conference electing them at the time of holding the General and Jurisdictional or Central Conferences.”

It is the Board of Laity’s desire to offer this candidacy opportunity to all eligible lay members and to inform interested persons of the qualifications, expectations, and expense involved in the process. This advanced notification and information will hopefully provide opportunity for prayerful consideration of this important decision.

Self-nomination as a candidate requires preparation prior to the 2019 Annual Conference such as 300 word biographical sketch and application, speech preparation, attending the candidate forum prior to Annual Conference and the Laity Orientation Forum during Annual Conference.

Elected delegates can expect significant expenditures of time, work, study, and money in preparation for representing the North Georgia Conference.

General Conference consumes approximately two weeks of time including travel, followed by the North Georgia Annual Conference, which lasts three or more days and the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference duration is approximately four days. Delegates must commit a minimum of four weeks within a three month period from April through July 2020.

  • There will be numerous meetings of the delegation (clergy and lay delegates), usually full day Saturday meetings each  month, during the year following election in preparation for General Conference.
  • General Conference, in particular, requires extensive preparatory study plus extended long hours of continuous daily meetings during the two weeks of the conference session.
  • Most delegates find that the per diem provided by the General and Jurisdictional Conferences does not cover all costs of being a delegate and have to use personal funds to cover additional expenses.

The Board of Laity appreciates all persons who give consideration to offering themselves for election. This is an important commitment.

A Laity Candidates Handbook is produced by the Conference Board of Laity and contains information about each candidate along with the candidate’s photograph. The form below this letter provides information for submission of the required information and materials for inclusion in the Handbook. The Board of Laity requests this information be submitted between January 1, 2019 and March 4, 2019.  All materials must be received by the Lay Election Committee not later than midnight on March 4, 2019 to be an official lay candidate and for the candidate’s information to be included in the Candidate Handbook. The Board of Laity will provide a copy of this handbook to each lay member to the 2019 Annual Conference in advance of the Conference.

Celeste Bush,  Chair of the Lay Election Committee 

In case of any questions, please reach out to Celeste Bush at cbush4772@gmail.com

Lay Candidate Registration Form

Please complete the form linked below and follow all instructions for submission.