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Lay Revitalization Ministry (LRM) is a lay organized ministry that offers assistance to local churches in specific areas as requested by the specific church and is sponsored by the Board of Laity of the North Georgia Conference.  Current areas of assistance include:  Church Image (signage, friendliness, programming, goal-setting, etc.); Evangelism (visitation, Christian witness, etc.); Finance (stewardship, budgeting, tithing, etc.); Music (choirs, special music, worship styles, etc.); Prayer Ministry and Spiritual Growth, as well as Methodist Church History and Structure.  LRM is expanding its areas of assistance as additional persons with expertise can be recruited.  LRM continues work toward perfecting a model for assisting local churches, and frequently utilizes Certified Lay Speakers and local church leadership team members throughout the Conference.


Local Churches interested in being a part of the assistance program provided by LRM will have a preliminary meeting between local pastor and local church leadership to agree upon issuing an invitation to LRM for assistance followed by making contact with the LRM Chairperson. 
 A typical LRM team experience begins first with the pastor and laity of a church requesting a team visit; then, a team leader is assigned to conduct an initial evaluation meeting with the church (pastor and lay leadership) to determine its areas of ministry interests and to set a date for the team visit.  Finally, the assigned LRM team is organized to plan for and carry out the team visit to the church and the mission of LRM ~ laity helping laity through volunteers.
 Most team visits are conducted on weekends when the most participation by the congregation is convenient; i.e., Friday evening and Saturday.  Recent LRM Team visits include Princeton UMC in Athens; Newnan Springs UMC in Rossville, and the Nine-Mile and Gates Chapel UMC churches near Ellijay, with additional visits already scheduled.  For additional
information, contact Leon Jourolmon, Chair, Lay Revitalization Ministry, 706-213-3835 (work) or 706-353-3138 (home); email:  leonj(at)



Are you a member of the North Georgia Conference with experience and specialized skills in areas that would be of benefit to other churches?   Are you willing to share your experience and “know-how” with a neighboring church to benefit another congregation?   If so ~ ~ you could be just the person we are have been seeking to join the team. 
 We are seeking persons with a desire to assist churches to find new and different ways to accomplish their mission/ministry goal.  “We recognize the vast amount of experience within the church laity of our conference and are eager to use this experience to help local churches through our LRM volunteers,” said Leon Jourolmon, Chair of LRM and Lay Leader, Athens/Elberton District.
 The LRM Team holds scheduled recruitment meetings throughout the conference for the purpose of learning about the gifts and graces of prospective new lay volunteers who are in attendance, and to discuss their experience and/or training in particular areas that would be helpful in developing additional areas of church ministry.  This could be in one of the areas that LRM is already addressing, or another area of ministry that might be developed for future LRM visits.  At this meeting, team members will discuss the mission of the Lay Revitalization Ministry and explain areas of current ministry as well as the process for certification to become a LRM team member.  Come and learn more about this exciting lay ministry of the North Georgia Conference.  For more information or to notify LRM of your interest in attending the next recruitment meeting, please contact Leon Jourolman, Chair, Lay Revitalization Ministry, 706-213-3835 (work) or 706-353-3138 (home); email:  leonj(at)



Whether you are a church seeking assistance from our talented Lay Revitalization Team, or a gifted lay person with a passion to share your experience with others as a certified member of the Lay Revitalization Team, I extend you a special invitation to contact me to discuss how we can be of assistance.

There are no statistics, no progress reports, and the only follow-up after the team visit is by invitation from you, the local church.  Of course, we are always available to return to celebrate your accomplishments!  We listen to you as you verbalize your goals, and we offer suggestions to assist and strengthen your efforts toward accomplishing these goals.  You as the local church decide on the ideas that you will adopt in your goal setting process, and set your timeframes for accomplishment.  The team departs with the covenant to continue to pray for your success, and that the Holy Spirit will fill you with desire as disciples of Jesus Christ. Remember, the whole concept of the ministry is “laity helping laity through volunteerism.”   I hope you take advantage of the offer; I believe you will be glad that you did.

May God’s richest blessings fill your tomorrows.  In all things, “to God be the glory!  Great things He will do!”
    Jane Finley, Conference Lay Leader
    706-886-4039 (home) 404-403-3969 (cell)
    Email:  mjfarms100(at)