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Online Course Schedule for 2020-2021

Online courses are educational opportunities for lay servants to engage in learning opportunities in a virtual environment.  The courses are delivered over the Internet using a selected software platform which means that you can take some of the advanced courses from your home, work, or at a time that is most convenient for you within a limited time frame.  Online courses are 5 weeks in length, and the time for completing assignments will vary based on individual preparation, involvement and participation.  All online courses are open to your schedule with 24/7 access.




Conflict Resolution

Summer July 13-August 17

Sharon White

Transforming Evangelism

Fall September 14-October 19

Ollie Manley


Winter January 18-February 22

Mary Williams

Lay Servants as Transformational Leaders

Spring March 1- April 12

Marjorie Woods

Spiritual Gifts

Spring – May 3-June 7

Kay Haugen


Lay Servants Lead in Conflict Resolution
Sharon White, Facilitator
July 13-August 17, 2020

This focus of the course is on strategies that can be used to transform conflict into a positive rather than a negative force.  Strategies are grounded in the biblical principles: love of God, neighbor, and self. The course is divided into five modules which explores ways in which we can prepare ourselves for the work of engaging conflict, and how we engage others in conflict transformation, outlining specific processes. Interwoven with the practical instructions are stories that illustrate the potential for this new "justpeace" approach.  Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for Registration is July 13.

Transforming Evangelism
Ollie Manley, Facilitator
September 14-October 19

The focus of this course is to examine the challenge of evangelism within the local church and to review John Wesley’s approach to evangelism as a valid model of how lay speakers can help local churches develop models for effective evangelism. Discussions will include strategies for making evangelism relational, communal and continuous. Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for registration is September 14.

January 18-February 22
Mary Williams, Facilitator

This course is designed to enable participants to explore the meaning of Methodism, analyze Wesleyan theology and its practical structure and disciplines for the first Methodists, examine Wesleyan understanding of grace and its importance to the movement, and discuss the means of grace and how these disciplines lead to holiness of heart and life. Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for Registration is January 18.

Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders
March 1-April 12
Marjorie Woods, Facilitator

This purpose of this course is to help participants examine the mission of the United Methodist Church, which is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  During the instructions, participants will be provided scriptural foundations of Christian transformational leadership as well as organizational principles that are proven to be effective.  Personal and group reflection through the use of forums and discussion posts will be included as a part of the course requirements. Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for Registration is March 1.

Spiritual Gifts
May 3 – June 7
Kay Haugen, Facilitator

This course is designed to help participants identify their spiritual gifts and examine spiritually how they can use their gifts to serve others. Prerequisite – Lay Servant Basic Class Deadline for Registration is May 3.

To register for a course, go to:
Course Cost - $62.00 (This does not include books and other resources.)
Courses must be paid for with credit or debit card.

For Additional information, contact:
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The LaGrange District has a very active Lay Servant program. Brochures and registration forms for classes will be mailed to all pastors and current lay servants at least one month prior to the start of the class.  Watch the website for more details.  Julia Morrison-Morgan is the District Director of Lay Servant Ministry.  She can be reached at 

  Lay Servant Ministry

At the 2016 General Conference legislation was passed changing the designations of the Lay Servant program.  Below are the various categories of Lay Servants along with descriptions and requirements for each.

A Lay Servant  is a professing member of a local church or charge who is ready and desirous to serve the Church and who is well informed on and committed to the Scriptures and the doctrine, heritage, organization, and life of the United Methodist Church and who has received specific training to develop skills in witnessing to the Christian faith through spoken communication, church and community leadership and care-giving ministries.  An applicant must be active in the support of the local church or charge.  For more specific information on the duties and responsibilities of a Lay Servant, refer to paragraph 266 of the 2016 Book of Discipline. 

Certified Lay Servant - has completed the Basic course and at least 1 advanced course.  In order to remain certified, an advanced course must be completed every 3 years.

Certified Lay Speaker - a certified lay servant who is called and equipped to provide pulpit supply in the absence of a pastor.  In addition to the certified lay servant requirements, the lay speaker must complete 6 of the following classes:  Worship, Prayer, Discovering Spiritual Gifts, Preaching, United Methodist Heritage and Polity.  They must also be approved by a district and conference committee. Additional information and applications for those seeking approval as Certified Lay Speaker are available through the District Office.  The next interviews for Certified Lay Speaker candidates is scheduled for October 3.  Complete applications must be submitted to the District Office 1 week prior.


Lay Servant Classes in the LaGrange District

The Board of Laity typically offers both the Basic class and an advanced class twice a year.  Classes are held at local churches throughout the District.  Brochures are mailed to all pastors and current lay servants about one month prior to the classes.  


For more information about the Lay Servant program, contact the District Office at 706-882-3343 or