Mission Curriculum: Lazarus Church


Lazarus Church Mission Curriculum

Welcome to a 5- to 6-session discovery of the mission of God in your context. We will embark on a different approach to mission and Bible study than you may have experienced in the past. This original study is intended to supplement your use of a Bible study and commentary and provide a practical theological exploration of your church and community.

Find here some key concepts of international mission to apply and put into practice. Further, we offer tools to assist a congregation in a new call to life as we offer a radical shift from the current congregational approach to the priorities of becoming a mission and disciple movement. The potential in this is to create a positive congregational momentum as a church experiences a new birth of mission and ministry from God.

Note that the intent of this study is to push a local church, especially clergy and laity, well beyond the normal comfort zone and approaches of their past. Be warned; we are actively inviting and engaging change!