Local Pastors


Rev. Yolanda Jones Colton shares a message with North Georgia Conference local pastors.

North Georgia Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members

The purpose of the Fellowship of Local Pastor and Associate Members is to provide support, love, and encouragement to each other through the promotion of self-care and spiritual growth, and to create a sense of unity and fellowship. The fellowship will serve all local pastors and the Board of Ordained Ministry as an advisory resource group on needs and issues of Local Pastors and Associate Members. It will serve as a voice for Local Pastors and Associate Members in the North Georgia Annual Conference, will sponsor retreat time, and will encourage small group participation with all clergy on the district level.

Executive Committee 

  • YoLanda Jones-Colton, Chair
  • Darrell McGinnis, Vice-Chair
  • Sandra Skinner, Secretary

District Representatives 

Central West: John Woods & Mark Dwiggins  
Central North: Samuel Townsend  
Central East: Deanne Lynch  
Central South: Leah Cunningham  
North West: TBA  
North East: Mathew Philip & Sandra Skinner  
South East: Darrell McGinnis  
South West: YoLanda Jones-Colton  


  • Alice Rogers, Director, Center of Clergy Excellence
  • Michelle Levan, Assistant Director, Center for Clergy Excellence
  • Beth Sanders, Cabinet Representative
  • Joel Miller, Past Chair