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Reading Luke and Acts in 2020

Week 3  |  Luke 3

Luke 3 Reflections and Questions

By Rev. Debby Fox

Luke’s “orderly account” continues in Chapter 3. Here we are reintroduced to Jesus’ cousin, John, now an acknowledged prophet. God uses John to call the people of Israel back into correct relationship and proper alignment with God’s purposes and promises. Connected from their very beginnings, John and Jesus’ ministries are tied together through Luke’s narrative. John’s ministry “prepares the way” for Jesus’ introduction as God’s means through which all creation ultimately will be redeemed.

As I write this, I am reminded how much John both fascinated and scared me when I first met him in Sunday School. For a little girl who did not like unknown foods, did not like sleeping away from home, and was reluctant to try almost anything new, a locust eating, animal-skin-clothed wild man was way too much for me! I couldn’t understand why he was part of Jesus’ story. Jesus seemed so different – waiting patiently for his turn to be baptized and then hearing his name called so clearly by God. Jesus didn’t scare me. He seemed someone that I could be like. 

We know though that John is an essential part of Jesus’ story. Thanks to the patience of several Sunday School teachers over my growing up years, I learned that John’s public call to prepare was the key to my ability to commit to following Jesus. Preparing is about getting ready. Preparing is about hard work and commitment. Preparing is the process of study, learning and practice that make us more adaptable, more resilient, more accomplished and less afraid. Being prepared means that when we hear God call our name, we respond faithfully ready to continue to grow into the person that God has made unique and wonder-full.

Questions to ponder:

  • How will you prepare for where God is calling you in 2020, as an individual or as a family? 
  • What can your church do to help you live into your commitment to preparing? 
  • Who else will you invite to journey with you?

Parents of young children: You can help your children learn more about John by using age appropriate children’s bible story books and bibles.

Rev. Debby Fox is a consultant to the Center for Congregational Excellence on children's ministry and christian education. 

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