Mission Insite Demographics


2019 Training Dates

All classes are held at the United Methodist Center
10:00 - 12:00 PM

September 24th

November 19th

To register for one of these trainings, click HERE

What is MissionInsite?

MissionInsite is a demographics program that provides churches with instant access to community information. You’ll get desktop, web-based access to demographic data for a variety of geographic levels. Discovering your church’s ministry opportunities has never been easier.

The system also provides local churches with the ability to locate their church members and others affiliated with their church on your map.

Other Tools and Helpful Links from MissionInsite:

  • QuickInsite Worksheet is a document you can use to learn more about the "story" of your neighborhood.
  • U.S. Census Bureau - The official site of the U.S. Census Bureau, here you will find links to many different types of studies. 
  • The American Church Research Project - TheAmericanChurch.org seeks to provide accurate religious research for a comprehensive picture of the church today. Most of the research is not readily available anywhere, let alone gathered together in one place. Dave Olson is the Director of Church Planting for the Evangelical Covenant Church, and as a hobby has been collecting research data for the last 15 years. This research grew out of Dave’s frustration that no one really knew how the American Church was doing, and instead Christian leaders were often making wild guesses and declarative statements based on inaccurate hearsay. Exaggerating the challenges, overestimating the progress or ignoring reality have been common Christian responses to the missional challenges for Christians in the United States. This research was undertaken because we cannot know where to go and how to get there until we find out where we are and why we are in that situation. 

Questions or to Set Up a Training

Email Hyo Kim at hyo.kim@ngumc.net to ask a question or set up a training with your church. 



Mission InSite has a new website and new registration instructions. In order for local churches to register on the new MissionInsite website you must use these instructions. The previous registration documents are no longer valid.   
Note: The new registration information is for users who do not yet have a username and password on the MissionInsite System. If you already use the system, you don't have to make any changes. If you have any questions, contact Phil Schroeder at phil.schroeder@ngumc.net.

Step 1:
Open Your Browser
Navigate to: MissionInsite.com
Click on the Client Center button (right corner) on the home page. Select Registration. On the Registration Information page, click REGISTER.
Enter NGUMC's Unique Account ID#: n1311

Step 2:
Begin the Registration Process
a. Select your city and your church.
b. Complete boxes creating your unique User Name and Password.
c. Review terms, check the Accept Terms box and click Register. You will receive an e-mail entitled "Confirm Your Email" asking to confirm your e-mail address which contains a link to activate your account. This link will be valid for 24 hours. Following your account activation, a new window will open to enter your User Name and Password to login to the PeopleView System. Check your Spam/Junk box if the email does not appear in your Inbox.
d. For future logins, hover over Client Center button on the MissionInsite Home Page and select "login" from the drop down menu.
e. Do not make multiple attempts at registration. If a problem occurs, please contact us for support. 877-230-3212 Ext. 1011 or misupport@missioninsite.com.
f. Only one user name and password per user. For users with multiple agency relationships (i.e., a local church AND agency user), please contact your agency administrator to add additional study area options to your login.

Download the Complete Instructions (pdf)