Mystery Worshiper

 Would you like to be a Mystery Worship Guest?

Churches in the North Georgia Conference want to make sure they are a welcoming church to everyone - especially visitors. Congregational Development offers a resource through the Mystery Worship Program that provides the church with a report from a Mystery Worship Guest who visits the church as a first-time visitor and provides the pastor with a report on how their experience was from the time they checked out the website to the time they pull into, and then out of, the parking lot. 

If you would like to register to volunteer as a Mystery Worship Guest and attend a worship service at churches who have asked for a visit, please complete the form at the link below.

Mystery Worship Guest Volunteer Form

Ready to submit your Mystery Worship Visit Report?

Once you have completed your Mystery Worship visit, please provide comments and suggestions to assist the congregation to better understand how to improve any areas that might need more attention. This is not an evaluation of the pastor or the sermon, but the hospitable, welcoming atmosphere of your experience and the congregational responsiveness to the visitor.

Mystery Worship Visit Report Form



Would you like to schedule a Mystery Worshiper to visit your church?

Just complete the form at the link below:

Mystery Worshiper Request Form