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Focus Area: Racial Justice and Healing is the Pathway to Beloved Community

Racial Justice and Healing Academy Launching Soon ngumc.org/racial-justice-and-healing-academy By Rev. Brian Tillman I was in the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta one day. In the bottom level the King papers are held on a rotating display. On this occasion there was a pamphlet that Dr. King contributed to. He wrote about the aims of his resistance efforts and the strategy behind them. In it, he wrote something like, “We aim to resist in such a way that when we are ...

Two Counties, Three Days, Transformative Work: Wesley UMC's Hometown Mission Week

The first week of June was "Hometown Mission Week" for Wesley UMC in Augusta.  "We had 100 teenagers and 40 volunteers serve local homeowners, ministries, and community organizations doing light construction, repairs, building wheelchair ramps, painting, yard work, and other projects," said Rev. Aaron Talbot. "We had 14 project sites and worked over the course of three days." In addition to support from the congregation, small businesses in the community provided $11,000 in sponsorships that ...

Update from Board of Trustees: Settlement Agreement Reached

The North Georgia Conference is appreciative of the Cobb County Superior Court which has given final approval of the mediated settlement agreement between The Trustees of the North Georgia Conference and Mt. Bethel. We anticipate full resolution in the next 120 days. As stated in the agreement, we are all part of one universal church and look forward to moving ahead in service to Jesus Christ.   Settlement Agreement (Final Decree filed in Cobb County Superior Court)

Webinar: Learn About the Soon-to-Be Announced UMC and BSA Relationship Agreement

The United Methodist Church and BSA will soon announce a new relationship agreement. Scout Leaders and church leaders are invited to an information webinar on Tuesday, June 16.  Dear United Methodist Congregational Scout Leader, Your leadership and engagement with scouting is shaping and making a difference in the lives of young people. Thank you for your service. Thank you also for your patience during this season of strengthening and developing new resources for United Methodist congregations...

North Georgia Annual Conference Report 2022

North Georgia Annual Conference The Classic Center, Athens, Georgia June 2-4, 2022 Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson, presiding   The 2022 North Georgia Annual Conference session was held June 2-4 at The Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, with Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson presiding. After two years of virtual sessions, 1,800 United Methodists gathered for a conference that felt like a homecoming under the theme of “A Place for You at The Table.”   Among the highlights of the session were: the ...

North Georgia Annual Conference Affirms Rev. Dr. Byron Thomas as Episcopal Nominee

With hands held high in affirmation, the members of the 2022 North Georgia Annual Conference endorsed the Rev. Dr. Byron Thomas as the North Georgia Conference episcopal nominee. The vote of affirmation followed a motion made by Jane Finley, head of the North Georgia Conference lay delegation to the General and Jurisdictional Conference, on Friday, June 3. The members of the North Georgia Conference Delegation had already endorsed Dr. Thomas as their episcopal nominee in January 2020 and ...

5 Values, 5 Areas of Focus: Countless Possibilities

Rev. Blair Zant and Rev. Brian Tillman introduce the North Georgia Conference's 5 areas of focus.   What Happens If We Do Nothing? What Is Possible If We Do Something? By Rev. Blair Zant and Rev. Brian Tillman In 2021, we accepted a charge to assemble a group of leaders, representative of our entire Conference, who would pray and discern how God is calling us to pursue our mission in this season. This group would claim our Conference’s core values, and would name the areas of transformational ...

Conference Members Ratify Disaffiliation Agreements, Pray Over Departing Churches

By Sybil Davidson In a solemn moment, members of the 2022 North Georgia Annual Conference ratified the disaffiliation agreements of 70 churches. A process for disaffiliation was established by the 2019 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. Paragraph 2553 of the Book of Discipline identifies and charges the Conference Trustees with oversight of terms and conditions of disaffiliation. The final step in the process is ratification by the Annual Conference. In 2021, the Board of ...

Judicial Council Modifies Ruling on Bishop Elections

By Heather Hahn UM News To harmonize constitutional and disciplinary requirements and meet the denomination’s needs, the United Methodist Judicial Council determined: “January 1, 2023 shall be the effective date of: (1) assignment for all bishops, newly elected bishops and active bishops already serving in the jurisdictions, and (2) mandatory retirement for bishops whose sixty-eighth birthday has been reached on or before July 1, 2020.” That means the ruling affects bishops who planned to retire...

Jurisdictional Conferences Set for November 2-5

In response to Judicial Council decision 1445, the Council of Bishops has formally set the dates for regular sessions of the Jurisdictional Conferences of The United Methodist Church to be convened November 2-5, 2022.   During a special COB meeting held today, the bishops approved a motion that the jurisdictional conferences will meet for purpose of the election and assignment of new bishops for the limited purpose of effectuating the continuance of the episcopacy in The United Methodist Church....

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