Housing Needed for Disaster Response Work Teams

There is a pressing need for housing for work teams on the west side of Atlanta. More than 100 teams from outside our Conference are planning trips to North Georgia to rebuild and repair homes and buildings that were flooded in September. The teams have 6 to 8 members on average, but some have as many as 14 to 30. Their needs include a place to sleep, as well as a place to cook or volunteers to prepare meals. Many teams work for 5 to 6 days, but one group may be here for as long as two months. ...

Conference Website Wins Top Honors From Communicators

The North Georgia Conference website, which was redesigned and launched in April, has earned honors as the best overall site in the denomination.   United Methodist Association of Communicators (UMAC) named as the best website in its field at the UMAC annual meeting, Oct. 21 in Nashville.   Secular judges, with backgrounds in Internet technology, praised as “a great website that is user friendly with intuitive layout and navigation.” The North Georgia Conference web team -- ...

Rev. Quincy Brown Named Vice President of LaGrange College

LaGrange College announced the promotion of the Rev. Dr. Quincy Brown to Vice President for Spiritual Life and Church Relations at its Board of Trustees meeting last week. Previously the school's chaplain and director of servant-leadership, he joined the college in 1997. "We aim to become even more intentional about pursuing our mission of 'inspiring the soul'-both on campus and throughout the region," said LaGrange College President Dan McAlexander. "We are pleased to recognize Quincy's ...

Clergy E-mail Target of Phishing Scam

Attention North Georgia clergy: Please do not reply to an e-mail sent to clergy "" accounts asking for a reply with personal information and passwords. This is a phishing scam and an attempt to get your personal account information. The e-mail starts "Attention E-mail Account Holder." The North Georgia Conference will never request your e-mail address and password. If you have questions, please contact the conference IT office directly at

Website Launches Two New Features, More Ways to Connect

Did you read a great story on the Conference website? What about an event you want to share with all your friends? Do you wish the conference web content was more accessible to the Latino congregation at your church? No problem! The Conference website has two new features and a new way to connect on Facebook. At, every interior page now features a "Share" button at the bottom of the left navigation bar. (Go ahead and scroll down to check it out.) You can use the "Share" bar to ...

Conference Transitions into Long-term Phase of Flood Recovery

Thanks to individuals and Early Response Teams from all over the United States, areas in North Georgia are now moving from an early response phase to a recovery (rebuilding) phase following the flooding last month.  Disaster Response will be involved in assessments for the next two weeks to determine where the needs are for long-term recovery.  Once the assessments are completed volunteers will be able to transition into long-term recovery mode.  The Call Center, managed by United Methodist ...

Action Ministries Sunday Set for November 1

Sunday, November 1, has been approved as the official date for the first ever conference-wide special offering to benefit Action Ministries.  The agency has mailed promotion material to the 900+ churches in the Conference and has also posted resources at for download along with a video and letter from Bishop Mike Watson.  In June the North Georgia Annual Conference voted to authorize a special Sunday offering to be taken in all the ...

Flood Call Center at Simpsonwood is Connected to 22 Other Faith Groups

By Sybil Davidson The phones are ringing at the Disaster Response call center as volunteers from around North Georgia and across the United States are being connected to flood cleanup and rebuilding needs in our area.   The call center is getting 30 to 35 calls per day and has 2 to 3 volunteers at a time answering phones.   A typical call is from a church group offering to volunteer. The call center connects them with a repair or recovery project then ensures that they have the proper tools ...

Advocate Fall Subscription Campaign: Send Your Pastor to Paradise

Subscribe to the new-and-improved North Georgia Advocate and send your pastor to paradise! Well, paradise on Earth, anyway. As part of our fall 2009 subscription drive – which runs from Tues., Oct. 6 until Tues. Nov. 9 -- the North Georgia Advocate is offering some special incentives: During the five-week campaign, $5 from every annual subscription sold at $28 will go back to the local church to support missions and ministries. The church that sells the most new subscriptions, or renewals, ...

Bishop Watson to Lead Tour of the Holy Land

By Glenn Hannigan Editor North Georgia Advocate   The Rev. Dan Wagner calls it a "once-in-a-lifetime trip." And though Wagner just made his first pilgrimage to the Holy Land 20 months ago, he is eager for a return visit. "This is something every Christian should experience," said Wagner, senior pastor of St. Mark UMC in Augusta. "There were many deeply spiritual moments, times I felt touched by the Holy Spirit. It almost knocked me to my knees. It is hard to describe." For his return visit in ...

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