Dozens of retirees

Retirees RETIREMENT 2014   AD INTERIM Brooks, Mari Lane (FD)       12/1/2013 Goff Donna J. (FD)              12/28/2013    Goode, Ronald                     11/1/2013 Krumbaugh, Katy                 11/1/2013 McClain, Dick                       5/31/2014 Spackman, Elwood               1/3/2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Bryan, James Hoyt (Jimmy) (PL) Cavin, Mike Green, Charles W. Hinton, Coy Huggins, John Knox, Edward A. (PL) Miller, Louis (FD) Parrish, Glenn D. Powers, Robert E. Purvis,  Jeanette ...

Exodus: Brad Sherrill to Present New Performance at Birmingham UMC

It took nearly five months for Atlanta-based actor Brad Sherrill to memorize all 20,000 words of The Gospel of John.He had plans to present it just once at his home church in Atlanta. But since 2001 Sherrill has performed John's gospel over 600 times off-Broadway and in professional theaters and churches throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Ireland.    On Sunday, February 23, Sherrill will present his new adaptation and live performance of Exodus (based on the Old Testament story of Moses ...


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Use These Great VBS Resources

A Kid Missionary Hosts Free VBS Videos Here’s a Great Opportunity to help your VBS kids make a connection with a real-life missionary their own age.  Gilly is a 12-year-old boy who lives in Kenya with his missionary parents, Nick and Heidi Griffiths.  Gilly and his adopted Kenyan brother John want to tell your VBS kids about their life in Kenya via a short video that can be shown each day at VBS.  Each day during VBS, Gilly and John will offer a short video to be shown to the kids gathering at ...

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