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HealthFlex: Blueprint for Wellness Time is Here Again
This year’s Blueprint for Wellness screenings for HealthFlex participants are open through July 31, 2018; and you can earn $100 PulseCash and up to 120 Wellness Points! Every year, HealthFlex participants and their spouses complete their Blueprint for Wellness diagnostic screening. Screenings are an important way to identify areas for improvement, so health concerns can be addressed before they become more serious. You can gain valuable information about your health including your heart, ...
Open Enrollment Closes November 16
HealthFlex participants, you'll want to make the best choice for your health insurance for the coming year. HealthFlex Open Enrollment is available through Thursday, November 16. ALEX, an online "benefits counselor" from WesPath, can help you evaluate the plans. Especially important to consider are price increases in 2018 over 2017. Try ALEX at  To begin making your Open Enrollment selections, visit and sign into ...
HealthFlex Participants: Meet Alex, Your Online Benefits Counselor
HealthFlex Participants are encouraged to use ALEX, an online "Benefits Counselor" provided by HealthFlex to assist us in choosing the best option for health insurance as we approach Open Enrollment time. Open enrollment for 2017 is November 1 to 16.  Find ALEX at
Wespath Offers Resource For Coping After a Storm
North Georgia United Methodists have access to a free resources for coping after a storm or flooding. Wespath has offered the services of Optum, the Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) provider for HealthFlex. Optum has put together resources for natural disasters and makes them available to our Annual Conferences free of charge. You do not need to be covered by HealthFlex to use these services. Optum is also offering a free emotional support help line for people impacted by Hurricane Irma. This...
HealthFlex Dental and Vision Benefit Details Explained
The Conference Benefits Office provides the following update to all 2017 HealthFlex Participants who have elected dental or vision benfits: TO ALL 2017 HEALTHFLEX PARTICIPANTS WHO HAVE ELECTED DENTAL OR VISION BENEFITS: DENTAL benefits are provided by Cigna.  Please note that Cigna will not be mailing ID cards to members of the dental plan. You may download an ID card by going to On the card you will find your personal identification number.  Without a personal identification ...
United Healthcare, Piedmont Reach Agreement
UnitedHealthcare and Piedmont Healthcare have reached a three-year agreement that will keep all Piedmont Healthcare hospitals and physicians in UnitedHealthcare’s network for commercial health plans, including the plan that covers North Georgia Conference HealthFlex participants. The new contract is retroactive to July 1, 2016, ensuring members enrolled in UnitedHealthcare employer-sponsored plans do not experience any interruption in their in-network benefits coverage for services received at ...
HealthFlex Participants: Take the HQ By Sept 30
Take HQ by September 30—Save $ Use Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer HealthFlex participants and spouses should take the HQ online health risk assessment between August 1 – September 30, 2015. (Please note: If you took the HQ prior to August 1, you must retake it before September 30 to avoid the higher deductible.) By taking the HQ, you: 1. Avoid paying $250 or $500 extra on your 2016 medical plan deductible. 2. Learn how to improve your health so you can be at your best.  3. Learn about ...
HealthFlex Participants: Blueprint for Wellness is Coming to AC2015
Earn $100 HealthCase and Up to 120 Wellness Points This year's Blueprint for Wellness screenings will be available to HealthFlex participants and spouses. As an incentive, $100 HealthCash as well as Wellness Points will be offered.   The screening can be taken at no cost between April 1 and July 31 at a local Quest Diagnostics, but will be offered on-site at 2015 Annual Conference in Athens.  Registration is strongly recommended for the on-site event as walk-in availability is very limited. ...
Central Conference Pensions: A Connectional Success Story
Thanks to the generosity of donors around the world and right here in the North Georgia Conference, The Central Conference Pensions Initiative achieved its $25 million challenge goal late last year. In fact, $26.7 million has been raised to date and $5.1 million in investment earnings have already been distributed to support Central Conference Pensions participants.  The successful effort will fund pensions for Central Conference clergy, who without this support would have little or nothing in ...
HealthQuotient: Feel Great – Save Money!
Take the HealthQuotient between August 1st and September 30th to save money on your medical deductible. HealthQuotient (HQ) is an online health risk assessment, it is also step 2 of the HealthFlex “Three Steps to Wellness.” HQ identifies potential areas to improve your well-being and directs you to wellness resources available at no cost through HealthFlex, including personalized health coaching.   Participants can avoid paying $250 extra on individual deductibles or $500 extra on family ...
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