Vital Congregations

Vital Congregations: Visited by Grace

From Roger Vest Chatsworth UMC A member of our congregation posted on Facebook Saturday night she was sad that she had to work on Sunday again and she would miss church (she works at a local drugstore). Sunday morning we mentioned this fact during worship and encouraged the people in our congregation that knew her to "stop by" this drugstore Sunday afternoon to say hello and that she was missed. Below are her actual posts. One of the neatest things about this is that of the people who liked ...

Monticello First UMC hosted their annual Tailgating service, on Sunday, August 16, 2015, to kick off the school year for young local athletes and coaches. The evening service included two special guests with Jackson roots, Senator Burt Jones and former UGA Football player Paul Holmes. Holmes had a brief football career with the Dallas Cowboys after graduating UGA, then moved to Monticello, GA, where has involved himself in politics and runs a dairy farms. In 2006, he was a Distinguished Alumni ...

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