10 Way to Say 'Thank You' to Your Pastor


October is Clergy Appreciation Month! Here are 10 ideas for how you might support your pastor this month:

  1. Offer to make pastoral care visits and calls for a week.
    Volunteering to help make visits and calls offers your pastor a break to focus on other tasks for the week and helps the people receiving the visits and calls a new personal connection.
  2. Make a charitable donation.
    Donate to a local charity or one of our United Methodist related ministries (like Glisson Camp and Retreat Center, Wesley Woods, Wellroot, Aldersgate Homes/Collinswood, Murphy-Harpst, UMCOR, and so many more!) in the clergyperson’s name.
  3. Explore renewal leave and overall wellbeing for clergy.
    Encourage clergy to explore ways to schedule time for renewal leave each year (and each quadrennium) as referenced in paragraph 350 of the Book of Discipline. Also, encourage clergy to make time for counseling and medical appointments as part of their workday.
  4. Send a personal note of appreciation.
    A “thank you” can be so meaningful. If you’re a parent, be sure to get your kids involved! Have them draw pictures or write a “thank you” too!
  5. Support an alternative Sunday worship plan.
    Collaborate with the pastor to identify a few Sundays throughout the year that the pastor doesn’t plan worship (i.e. youth Sunday, mission Sunday, a hymn sing Sunday, or a Cantata).
  6. Take on a chore.
    Offer to hire a lawncare or house cleaning service to help out the pastor.
  7. Cheer on Clergy Small Groups and Clergy Sabbath participation.
    The North Georgia Conference Center for Clergy Excellence offers clergy small groups, including “Sabbath Life: Rest in the Garden,” a clergy hiking group led by Camp and Retreat Ministries staff, and a Spiritual Formation group that are meeting this fall. Encourage your pastor to take part in at least one of these offerings in the next year.
  8. Give a simple gift to your pastor.
    Send a gift basket related to your pastor’s favorite hobby! Don’t know what it is? Just ask!
  9. Provide a meal to your pastor.
    Drop off a meal or send your pastor a gift card to a local restaurant or Uber Eats – especially on a busy day!
  10. Volunteer your time at the church.
    Commit to volunteering regularly in some area of ministry. Consistent volunteers reduce stress for the pastor who often has to fill gaps.