Registration Open for the 6th Annual Summer Institute on Theology and Disability


The Center for Leadership in Disability at Georgia State University in Atlanta is hosting the 6th Annual Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, May 26-29. The Institute features plenary sessions, workshops, three courses, and a variety of networking and learning opportunities for anyone interested in the intersections of theology, religion, and disability. Attendees include clergy, laypeople, academics, advocates, family members and students.  This year includes a first day organized as an interfaith conference for the wider Atlanta region to enable local participation, a Wednesday symposium on the legacy of Nancy Eiesland (author of The Disabled God: Toward a Liberatory Understanding of Disability), and other focused sessions on mental illness, inclusive worship, community organizing, and building inclusive faith communities.
This Summer Institute is also one of the scheduled stops for the ADA25 Legacy Project Tour bus (Wednesday, May 27, morning) and part of the ADA25 and Faith Initiative. Mark Johnson, the coordinator for the ADA25 Legacy Project, is the final plenary speaker.

For more information on Summer Institute, go to its website or contact Bill Gaventa, Director, at