UMC Market Moves to New Website


The General Council on Finance and Administration announced today that the UMCmarket program has moved to Moving forward, churches and other organizations can continue to participate in the program through our new site, Any churches that previously signed up for the program will be automatically enrolled at the new address.

The new site offers enhanced features for users including:

  • New browser applications with improved functionality that works with all browsers.
  • Automatic handling of Amazon orders. No more manual verification.
  • Improved customer service with faster response time.
  • A new team with marketing staff that will help educate churches on how to benefit from our program.

We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this change may cause, however, we are confident that donations made through old web address,, have reached or will reach their intended United Methodist church or organization. We believe this change to will better meet the needs of our constituents and we thank the people of the United Methodist Church for their continued support of innovative donation opportunities that enable ministry in their local churches like

For more information, contact Sharon Dean at 615-369-2336.